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The overall situation is good, and China's industrial design urgently needs to improve its international competitiveness

industrial design is the main way to carry out product innovation and skill innovation in the industrial field, and it is one of the decisive factors of industrial competitiveness. Promoting the development of industrial design is a constant and unremitting work on the road of industrial transformation and upgrading in China. Recently, the China industrial design survey group conducted a questionnaire survey on the development status of China's industrial design enterprises (centers). A total of 62 questionnaires were sent out, 58 of which were valid. The respondents of this survey are industrial design departments, industrial enterprises and industrial design enterprises (or centers) at all levels, covering 22 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) across the country. The survey shows that the development of industrial design in China has made great progress in recent years, and has reached or approached the international advanced level in some fields, but there is a large gap in different industries and regions, and the international competitiveness needs to be further improved

domestic enterprises pay more attention to industrial design

in recent years, Chinese enterprises have paid more attention to industrial design in independent research and development, and have certain advantages and characteristics in local fields. For example, in the field of high-speed railway system and equipment, based on the introduction of foreign mature technology, China has optimized the design of the body shape, obtained independent intellectual property rights, and improved the aerodynamic performance of the train

the survey results show that enterprise managers believe that the main purposes of industrial design include the following: improving the quality and added value of existing products (94.3%), increasing the share of existing markets (91.4%), developing or applying new technologies and processes (91.2%), etc. From 2013 to 2015, industrial design has a significant impact on the improvement of enterprise performance, such as the improvement of operating revenue, the return on sales of new products, market share, and the market position of products in the industry

secondly, local governments pay attention to promoting the development of industrial design

at present, local governments generally regard industrial design as an important starting point to enhance regional industrial competitiveness. The results of the questionnaire show that 13 of the 22 provinces participating in the survey have issued local industrial design related policies, accounting for 59.1%. In terms of the construction of industrial design related institutions, 45.5% of the regions have established industrial design public service platforms, 36.4% have established industrial design center demonstration pilots, and 40.9% have established industrial design demonstration parks and industrial design innovation alliances

in addition, the eastern developed provinces and cities have generally established a close cooperation mechanism of "government guidance, enterprises as the main body, parks as the carrier, associations as the bridge and colleges and universities as the backing". The allocation of various elements of industrial design is relatively reasonable and the development trend is good. Focusing on the goal of cultivating local leading enterprises and forming local characteristic industries, the central and western regions focus on Attracting key enterprises, forming industrial clusters and developing characteristic industrial parks of "design and manufacturing integration" through investment attraction and intelligence introduction

once again, "Chinese design" has become internationally competitive in many fields. In recent years, Chinese manufacturing enterprises have actively gone abroad to promote "Chinese design" to the global market. Some advantageous enterprises participated in the evaluation and successfully won important international industrial design awards such as the "red dot award" in Germany, the "Idea Award" in the United States, and the "good design award" in South Korea. In 2016, 79 "best designs" were selected in the "red dot award", and enterprises in Chinese Mainland won 7, surpassing South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, China, ranking first in Asia. The award-winning projects belong to different categories, such as white appliances, auto parts, drones, audio equipment, daily necessities, interior design, etc., which reflect the comprehensive strength of China's industrial design in various fields

it is necessary to strengthen cross-border cooperation to cultivate high-end talents

although China's industrial design has made some development in recent years, there are also some problems and constraints

first, the current industrial design service level does not match China's industrial status and demand. The oil suction height of the hydraulic pump of the carton pressure testing machine is generally not greater than 500 mm. Compared with developed countries, the business scale of industrial design in China is not commensurate with the total output value of manufacturing industry, and its contribution to the added value of the whole manufacturing industry is obviously low. The overall competitiveness of industrial design is not strong, and some even become fatal weaknesses that restrict China's manufacturing industry from entering high value-added links and high value-added sub industries. The main reason is that China's industrial design service industry is still in the primary stage of development, attached to various industries, lack of cross industry and cross field cooperation, and failed to form a leading industrial design enterprise with specialization, marketization and cross regional services. China's existing industrial design service institutions are generally established for a short time. 58.3% of industrial design centers have been established for only 4-10 years, and only 5.6% of industrial design centers have been established for more than 20 years

second, there are regional and industrial weaknesses in the development level of industrial design. The advantageous enterprises of industrial design in China are mainly distributed in the southeast coastal provinces and cities, and the high-end design talents are mainly concentrated in a few cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. In the process of industrial transformation and upgrading, some enterprises in the central and western regions have also selected the subdivisions and segments of the manufacturing industry, so they can only make breakthroughs without wearing anything, and there is an urgent demand for industrial design services. However, they cannot get high-level industrial design services in this region, and their awareness of actively seeking industrial design services from enterprises in developed regions is relatively weak

from the perspective of industry, there is an imbalance in the development of industrial design in China. The main types of industrial design are concentrated in the fields that emphasize appearance and function design, such as household appliances, consumer goods and electronic information products. In some technology research and development are closely combined with process design 9 Input voltage: 10% of 380V exchange fields, such as industrial complete sets of equipment, automobiles, new materials, etc., lack sufficient design force, which seriously restricts the product innovation of enterprises

third, the lack of high-level talents and compound talents is an important factor restricting the development of industrial design. 65.6% of the surveyed enterprises reported that the company lacked excellent design talents. At present, the whole industrial design industry still lacks internationally renowned masters who lead the development of the industry. Among the 100 most influential design masters in the world selected by the international design magazine wallpaper, there are only 2 in Chinese Mainland. In terms of talent training, industrial design is a typical interdisciplinary application field. Under the talent training system of colleges and universities in China, which takes the discipline line as the framework and the basic theory as the main body, interdisciplinary high-level composite talents, especially the practice oriented talent training, have always been a weak link

fourth, inadequate protection of intellectual property rights affects the healthy development of industrial design. With the rapid development of information network and e-commerce, it is more difficult to protect the intellectual property rights of industrial design, especially the appearance design. In view of the huge volume of e-commerce transactions, limited product profit space, long appeal cycle and relatively high cost involving intellectual property disputes, it is difficult to convert good design into corresponding profits, which weakens the motivation of enterprises to invest in "excellent design". In order to cope with the imitation of competitors, some enterprises can only shorten the design cycle and speed up the product replacement speed, which can not fully tap the design potential

we should protect intellectual property rights in combination with information technology

in this regard, the Industrial Policy Research Institute of CCID think tank puts forward several suggestions: first, we should strengthen top-level design and publicity, and enhance enterprises' awareness of industrial design innovation. In the final analysis, to enhance the international competitiveness of China's industrial design, enterprises should consciously increase investment, obtain economic benefits from design innovation, and realize a virtuous cycle. The main responsibilities of the government lie in strategic research, top-level design, publicity and guidance

in terms of top-level design, first, adhere to the combination of industrial design and information technology, improve design efficiency with information-based design means, integrate information services into product function design, and improve product added value. Second, adhere to the Chinese design route of "new and practical, rich and diverse, high quality and low price", identify the international market positioning, and highlight Chinese characteristics. Therefore, we must strengthen the publicity of key enterprises and typical cases, arouse entrepreneurs' attention to industrial design, and arouse entrepreneurs' Thinking on product innovation strategy, so that they can actively advocate and invest in innovative design

second, we should support industrial design service institutions and improve their market-oriented operation ability. Further study and formulate fiscal and tax policies to encourage investment in industrial design. For enterprises specializing in manufacturing design services, greater support should be given in talent introduction, patent application, tax incentives, etc. In terms of capital market financing, we should create a more relaxed environment for industrial design enterprises, guide manufacturing enterprise groups, especially the design service centers subordinate to large state-owned manufacturing enterprise groups, to carry out joint-stock transformation, and create conditions for independent operation and spin off listing

third, we should pay attention to the evaluation, certification, classification and guidance of industrial design service institutions. Adhere to the in-depth identification of industrial design centers at all levels, explore the mechanism of "selecting the best from the best", select the most recognized industrial design service institutions, and give key support and publicity. According to the principle of professional division of labor, a number of services with advantageous characteristics in some industries and sub sectors are selected. The third category is mainly used for general experimental maintenance institutions. Encourage and guide some industrial design service institutions to launch "experiential services" for central and western regions and small and medium-sized enterprises, gradually expand the market, achieve differentiated development, and expand the regional and industrial coverage of industrial design services

fourth, we should build a talent training system combining schools and enterprises, and improve the evaluation mechanism of professional and technical titles, honorary titles and awards

in the training of industrial design talents, we should adhere to the principle of taking enterprises as the main body and actual needs as the guide, stimulate the enthusiasm of colleges and universities, and carry out interdisciplinary joint training. In terms of professional and technical title evaluation, it is necessary to form a unified and mature plan and carry out the professional and Technical Title Evaluation of industrial design talents in an orderly manner at the national level. In addition, we should continue to do a good job in the evaluation of various domestic industrial design awards, attract multinational enterprises to participate in the evaluation, further promote international exchanges, enhance the international influence of domestic awards, and encourage excellent enterprises and high-end talents in China's industrial design field to enter the international market

fifth, strengthen the intellectual property protection of e-commerce platforms and cooperation platforms. Strengthen the supervision of e-commerce platforms and close stores suspected of infringement. Guide all platforms to adopt the "original protection" mechanism, significantly identify original personalized products, form an intellectual property protection system that combines patent legal protection with spontaneous market supervision and common consumer supervision, and expand the coverage of creative design protection of ordinary consumer goods. Explore the intellectual property protection and benefit distribution mechanism of the cooperative design platform to ensure the transformation of personal design creativity into economic benefits

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