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Overcapacity is still the "Curse of the paper industry"

overcapacity is an indisputable fact of the paper industry. Since July, 2010, the paper industry has been in a downturn and entered a cold winter in 2012. The paper industry is in trouble, and overcapacity is to blame. The downstream demand of the industrial chain is low, but the price of raw materials remains high. Paper enterprises have to pay for the capacity invested heavily in previous years. The capacity released in succession makes it difficult for upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry to support in the dark tide. Overcapacity is a curse on the paper industry. In 2009, domestic coated paper is in an investment boom, and major paper enterprises have made large-scale projects one after another. In the first half of 2010, Jinguang Paper Co., Ltd. added 600000 tons of production capacity; In the second half of 2010, Prince of Japan added 400000 tons of capacity; The 450000 ton/year high-grade coated paper project invested by Huatai Co., Ltd. and the 800000 ton coated paper project of Chenming Paper Co., Ltd. reached production in 2011. However, since the second half of 2009, the United States and the European Union have frequently used trade remedy measures to impose tariffs of 284% or 1.05% on China's coated paper. The punitive tariff policy of overseas important markets on Chinese coated paper has led to a large number of coated paper returning to the domestic market, and the domestic cultural paper industry has also tasted the taste of overcapacity, not surprisingly

because of this, the cultural paper market has almost no production capacity plan in the past two years. From paper enterprises to downstream dealers, they are eager for the market to eat up the released production capacity as soon as possible. However, at present, the international economy is depressed, the domestic economic growth is slowing down, and the situation of overcapacity continues, and the coated paper business of various paper mills has been hovering at the breakeven point. In March this year, the coated paper market was planning to raise prices. Judging from the current situation, although the price increase of coated paper was only 100 yuan per ton, which created a miracle for the experimental machine industry, it still did not receive a good anti collapse of the market.

since 2012, the paper industry has launched a beach landing war in the household paper market, and major paper enterprises have targeted the household paper market, increased production capacity investment, and new projects have been launched one after another. According to the data, the new volume of household paper that has been put into production and plans to be put into production in China in 2009 was 333000 tons, and soared to 1524000 tons in 2012. It can be agreed that paper enterprises still have a large market space for household paper, but China's household paper industry will face increasing pressure of overcapacity in the next few years

there is no doubt that overcapacity has become one of the most important factors restricting the recovery of China's paper industry. A few days ago, it was reported that the state would issue the guiding opinions on resolving overcapacity. At present, the national development and Reform Commission, together with the Ministry of industry and information technology and other ministries and commissions, is conducting research on this. At present, the annual production of plastic flexible packaging materials in China is estimated to have reached about 10million tons and formulating relevant opinions. Government departments have issued policies to try to resolve the problem of overcapacity, and the paper industry needs to take active action

among the excess capacity, small workshop paper mills still occupy a place, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the industry and runs counter to the new concept of environmental protection. We must resolutely implement the policy of eliminating backward capacity and eliminate it. This is not only the requirement to resolve the problem of overcapacity, but also the inevitable requirement to remove the hat of "two high and one capital" in China's paper industry

industries need to establish an early warning mechanism for overcapacity. China's paper industry has paid tuition fees for underestimating risks and making things behind closed doors. China's paper industry must take the initiative to establish an early warning mechanism for overcapacity, respect the law, regularly publish data and Analysis on output, benefits and investment, and guide enterprises to make scientific and rational decisions. This work can't be led by medical plastics.nbsp; The bright spots of high-performance materials only rely on government departments to complete, but also need the joint efforts of various associations and organizations in the industry, various media institutions, and even every Chinese paper industry person

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