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Overseas chemical giants have laid out the Yellow River Delta and CNOOC has become the largest partner

recently, the development and construction of the Yellow River Delta has been upgraded to a national strategy, in which the petrochemical industry is highlighted as a leading industry. The actual situation is that before this, many domestic and foreign capital have "foresight", including CNOOC, China National Chemical Corporation and other domestic industry leaders have set foot in the Yellow River Delta petrochemical and marine chemical industries. At the same time, South Korea SK and other foreign chemical giants are also expanding into the yellow triangle

CNOOC has become the largest strategic partner

according to the Yellow River Delta plan, industry insiders said that the petrochemical industry will play an important role in accelerating the construction of an efficient ecological industrial system. Shandong, which has Shengli oil field and local refining enterprises with comprehensive strength and the number of enterprises ranking first in the country, has undoubtedly become the "coveted" object of the national chemical giant

CNOOC is probably one of the biggest practitioners of the concept of "yellow triangle". On September 3 this year, CNOOC signed an equity transfer agreement with Shandong Weifang state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, which transferred 51% of the equity of Shandong Haihua (000822, Guba) group for free. Previously, CNOOC "ate" Shandong lihuayi group, which has the largest refinery in Shandong - Lijin petrochemical plant with a processing capacity of 5million tons/year. In addition, CNOOC and Weifang Hongrun Petrochemical launched two refining and chemical integrated projects with an annual output of 5million tons, trying to form a processing capacity of 20million tons as soon as possible and form a 100 billion petrochemical industry chain

while targeting the Yellow River Delta local refining enterprises, CNOOC also focuses on refining and chemical integration. Based on the acquisition of the existing two 30000 ton bulk cargo terminals in Dongying Port, CNOOC plans to invest a total of 45billion yuan to build two 50000 ton and 5000 ton liquid chemical terminals, as well as CNOOC logistics park and CNOOC Industrial Park. With this, CNOOC has become by far the largest strategic partner in the development of the Yellow River Delta

various chemical giants are coming in droves

behind the strategy is the challenge of giants such as PetroChina and Sinopec. Sinopec, which has strong refining strength in Shandong and its surrounding areas, has a firm grasp of Zoomlion, which is controlled by Sinopec Shandong branch and partially owned by Shandong refining company. At the end of January last year, the "Shandong fuel oil (information, market) association" initiated by Shandong oil company with general fatigue testing machine and vernier caliper and Shandong Zoomlion Petrochemical was established. The first batch of members include about 70 refineries and trading companies

at present, PetroChina has begun to build its own refinery and Heluo in Shandong. In the memorandum of cooperation signed with the Shandong provincial government at the end of last year, PetroChina will build a 10million ton oil refinery in Dingya Island, Weihai. In addition, Dongming Petrochemical will produce about 800000 tons of refined oil for PetroChina this year. The two sides also plan to build the Rizhao Dongming oil pipeline, with a total length of 446 kilometers and an annual transmission capacity of 10million tons

in addition to the three giants, China National Chemical Corporation has also integrated and acquired many local refining enterprises in the Yellow River Delta region, such as Changyi petrochemical, Huaxing Petrochemical, Zhenghe group, etc

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