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Overclocking endless Yuzhan ares series memory has exceeded the peak record of 3266mhz

recently, Yuzhan technology, a leading memory brand, once again pushed the overclocking record to a new level, leading the industry to successfully build ares ares series DDR top-level frequency overclocking memory, and successfully overclocking to DDR3 3226mhz at the 2013 Taipei International Computer Exhibition, marking a new milestone. The same series also launched a variety of default frequency specifications such as 2800MHz and 2933mhz, which are equipped with strictly tested original top-level memory particles, and provide two sets of combinations of 8GB (4gbx2) and 16GB (8gbx2), so that overclocking players at all stages can enjoy the ultimate speed overclocking experience

Yuzhan ares series overclocking memory, which has made great achievements

Yuzhan technology ares series overclocking memory has always been the most popular rare artifact for overclocking players. At the same time, it is also the favorite of audio-visual workers with excellent computing efficiency. The Ares series frequency is upgraded again. It supports the latest 4th Gen intel core processors and Z87 chipset, and leads the industry in launching super strong DDR top-level frequencies. Undoubtedly, it provides a better choice for overclocking players and audio-visual workers. What is more worth mentioning is that at this year's Computex 2013 exhibition, the Yuzhan overclocking team successfully overclocked ares DDR3 16GB Kit (4gbx4) 3000MHz memory to ddrmhz, setting a new record of air-cooled overclocking

it is understood that when the cleaning, lubrication and other conditions are met, the s ares series adopts the top-level original memory particles that are strictly screened to ensure the best overclocking effect. The Ares series of eight layer PCBs specially designed for overclocking effectively reduce the signal interference caused by high-speed overclocking, and effectively improve the signal quality and overclocking stability

at the same time, in order to achieve the most excellent and stable overclocking effect, Yuzhan ares ares series memory adopts a professional heat dissipation system specially designed for overclocking, which uses pure copper heat conduction to guide the waste heat. The efficient heat dissipation liquid absorbs the heat and vaporizes, and guides the waste heat to the large-area heat dissipation fins through the action of pores and the principle of phase change. The advanced cooling system of Ares series not only has excellent cooling effect, but also has permanent cooling effect, does not need cleaning and maintenance, and operates with zero noise, creating the most perfect overclocking environment for players

in addition, Yuzhan ares ares series memory not only synchronously introduces more than 3000 kinds of default frequency specifications, including DDR3 2800, DDR3 2933 and DDR3 3000, but also has dual channel 8GB (4GB x 2) and dual access "Wang Xianhong added that 16GB (8GB x 2) is free for players to choose, so as to better meet the use needs of every overclocking player and audio-visual expert

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