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Moon cake packaging busy slimming new regulations let manufacturers return to the civilian road

script> although it is still more than 40 days away from the traditional Mid Autumn Festival, the thick smoke of gunpowder has permeated the Suzhou moon cake market. In July this year, after the four ministries and commissions jointly issued an announcement on regulating the price, quality, packaging and tying of moon cakes, many mid autumn Festival moon cake enterprises in Suzhou are planning to "slim down" moon cakes

it is understood that recently, manufacturers are making production plans for the peak season of moon cakes, and the new packaging standards have strict restrictions on the tying of goods in the moon cake gift box, the number of packaging layers, packaging costs and other aspects. Therefore, in previous years, factories that had to spend every effort to pack several luxury moon cakes every Mid Autumn Festival were mainly beam mobile homes for experimental machines. Now they are really taking the road of "Popularization" and pay more attention to high quality and low price

insiders said that a considerable part of the high priced moon cakes in the past were packaging. The cost of exquisite packaging and valuable tie-in items is often many times higher than that of moon cakes. The relevant person of a moon cake manufacturer calculated an account: Generally speaking, even if the stuffing of moon cakes is more expensive, the cost of a box of moon cakes will be dozens of yuan. If this box of mooncakes is mixed with foreign wine and other products, the value of this box of mooncakes will immediately double several times. Although the consumer group of this sky high price moon cake is not large, the huge profits still make many manufacturers eager to try. With the introduction of the new regulations this year, manufacturers have made a "slimming" plan. Therefore, compared with previous years, this year, while ensuring the net content of a single box of moon cakes, the phenomenon of random tying of goods is also rare. Moreover, the external packaging is basically made of environmentally friendly cartons, and the packaging cost is much lower than before

according to the introduction, the direct effect of the "slimming" of moon cakes is that the "luxury" moon cakes with a price of fourorfive yuan or more will be greatly reduced in the market this year, which will greatly reduce the intuitive price of moon cake sales in the Suzhou market. In a sense, this year's moon cakes are appropriate. According to the interview, Caizhi mainly chose materials for engineering use this year. The price of zhaisu style moon cakes is mostly between 50 yuan and 100 yuan. The price of "Changfa" and "Xucheng" Cantonese style moon cakes is mostly about 100 yuan, while the highest price of moon cakes this year is estimated to be more than 300 yuan. Industry insiders estimate that after the price of moon cakes falls this year, it is estimated that the sales of moon cakes will be better. In a sense 3 LH m D600 m 0650 1a0 represents LH series, m18x1.5 thread, D60 plug, metric system, 650mm stroke, 4 ⑵ 0ma output. Speaking of the moon cake, the luxurious coat is torn off. After the economic growth continues to decline the demand for steel, it is a good thing for consumers and manufacturers, and manufacturers will not suffer major profit losses

source: Jiangnan times

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