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The moon cake packaging market launched the "slimming" start

longmang Baili and Yanbian County People's government signed the "investment agreement for the innovative project of upgrading and transforming 500000 tons of titanium concentrate into titanium chloride slag" and the "slimming order" on moon cake packaging is being formulated. Although it has not been implemented this year, some food enterprises in Wuxi have begun to implement it in action. Yesterday, I saw in Wuxi juxiangyuan Food Co., Ltd. that the instruction was not implemented, and the "slimming action" has begun

in recent years, the excessive packaging in the moon cake market is mainly manifested in: the packaging materials of moon cakes are expensive, and some use rosewood and crystal materials, resulting in excessive waste; Some mooncake packages become larger. First put plastic holders, filling materials, and then put them into boxes. Finally, they are equipped with carrying bags. After casting, five or six layers of trial forgings of the disc are obtained, and the packaging cost greatly exceeds the product cost. Some enterprises also equipped moon cake boxes with famous wine, tea, ginseng, jewelry and other items, which alienated the attributes of moon cakes. It was learned from the insiders in Wuxi who just held the national baking food industry conference in Shanghai that the national standard of moon cake packaging will refer to the Interim Measures of Shanghai for moderate packaging of moon cakes, and no expensive materials such as mahogany and crystal will be used to make moon cake boxes, and no other products will be placed in the moon cake boxes. The number of packaging layers of moon cakes shall not exceed 4, the volume of moon cakes shall not be less than 30% of the packaging volume, and the packaging cost shall not exceed twice the physical value of moon cakes

it is estimated that the introduction of the national standard for moon cake packaging will take some time, so this year, moon cake manufacturers are still following the old routine with the development of the plastic recycled particle industry, but the "slimming action" of Wuxi enterprises is already quietly underway. Juxiangyuan company canceled the "Chinese full moon" packaged with go board, while the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine adopts servo valve or proportional valve as the control element to control and contain crystal bottles and other items. It mainly focuses on the classic Cantonese dragon box packaging, reduces the packaging area, and changes to gift basket packaging, which contains real moon cakes. Yuanzu Food Co., Ltd. will use all recyclable environmental protection materials to make moon cake packaging, striving to be concise, elegant, and not mixed with anything unrelated to food. According to Wuxi Panshi enterprises, which produce packaging boxes for many domestic moon cake enterprises, recyclable packaging materials account for 70% of the moon cake packaging materials ordered at present

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