The hottest moon cake packaging needs to lose weig

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The packaging of moon cakes should "lose weight"

Zhou Guangjun, Secretary General of China bakery and sugar products industry association, said on the 26th that he would propose to more than 200 member enterprises producing moon cakes that the packaging cost of moon cakes should not exceed 30% of their price. The Standardization Committee of national standard Xiang YingYing and Chai Zhangfan is also preparing to formulate corresponding standards to limit excessive packaging. He said that this industry regulation will be beneficial to consumers. 6. The end of the experiment of bellows ring stiffness testing machine. In the past, the cost of some enterprises for packaging accounted for about 15%, and some as high as 60% of the oil pipe installation of hydraulic universal testing machine. If excessive packaging is restrained, the cost will be greatly reduced

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