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Moon cakes must have a "code". When buying, you should pay attention to whether there is a bar code on the outer package. Yesterday (August 18), it was learned that this year's moon cakes must be marked with a commodity bar code before they can be sold. Relevant departments remind the general public to pay more attention to whether the outer package of moon cakes is marked with commodity barcode when buying moon cakes

the bar code of commodities adopts the global unified identification system, which is a technology of automatic data identification and collection. It is a reliable means of product traceability and tracking. It can provide strong support for the supervision of government departments, and also increase a guarantee for consumers to buy moon cakes. According to statistics, at present, some moon cake manufacturers in Zhongshan have not applied for the registration of commodity bar codes. The Municipal Bureau of quality supervision requires these enterprises to go through the application procedures for commodity barcode registration as soon as possible to ensure that the mooncakes in Shanghai meet the requirements of relevant regulations. At the same time, remind sales enterprises to check the quality of incoming goods and ensure the sale of qualified moon cakes

information source: Zhongshan

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