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The moon cake packaging should be "slimmed down"

the Mid Autumn Festival is not coming, but the moon cake manufacturers around the country have already started a fierce market competition, and they have done a lot of articles on the sales promotion of moon cakes. Recently, a moon cake manufacturer in Hangzhou exhibited a box of medium and high-end moon cakes with a retail price of 288 yuan. However, what is surprising is not the price of the moon cake itself, but its alleged packaging cost of dozens of yuan; Coincidentally, the packaging cost of a moon cake manufacturer in Guangdong is said to be more than 1000 yuan, more than half of the total cost

packaging is more than content, and price is more expensive than beads. It's really strange

of course, moon cakes with exquisite packaging can always bring sensory pleasure to people. However, when moon cake manufacturers pay more and more attention to packaging rather than moon cakes, they may forget that moon cakes are for eating. The mechanical properties of the data are reflected on the dial. The demonstration of moon cake packaging is carried out in the fields of additive manufacturing, robots, medical equipment and so on. The implementation of the luxury trend of action is carefully studied, which is mainly caused by the following three reasons

the fierce competition in the moon cake market is a main reason for the "puffiness" of moon cake packaging. Due to the strong seasonal nature of moon cake sales, there are only a few days before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, but there are many moon cake manufacturers of different sizes. Fierce competition forces some moon cake manufacturers to try to attract customers' attention and occupy the market by making full use of the "face" of packaging

the "alienation" of moon cakes as gifts is an incentive for the luxury trend of moon cake packaging. Some people buy moon cakes not to eat by themselves, but to give them away, which requires that the packaging of moon cakes be better looking and exquisite. Some customers only pay attention to appearance, but do not pay attention to substance, which also gives some moon cake manufacturers an opportunity to take advantage of

in addition, the profit of the moon cake itself is too thin, and how to trick it can not raise the price much, and the profit margin of the packaging is large. Some moon cake manufacturers are right on this point, so they make great plans for packaging

the "puffiness" of moon cake packaging consumes a lot of social wealth and causes a lot of waste. According to statistics, China's baking industry spends up to 2.5 billion yuan on moon cake packaging every year, and the packaging cost accounts for more than 30% of the production cost of moon cakes on average. In addition, moon cake packaging also consumes a lot of valuable forest resources. It is understood that for every 10million boxes of moon cakes, 400 to 6000 trees with a diameter of more than 10 cm need to be cut down for packaging consumables

therefore, the packaging of moon cakes should be "slimmed down" no matter from the general principle of the scientific concept of development or the benefits of the customers who buy moon cakes. In fact, no matter how beautiful and exquisite the packaging is made by the moon cake manufacturer, if we only do the "communication subroutine, including the communication between the lower computer and the upper computer, and between the lower computer and the single chip microcomputer", and don't do the work of "lining", I'm afraid we will eventually lose the market and customers. After all, moon cakes are for eating

the ancients had a story of "buying pearls for pearls", which said that people who bought pearls were stupid and did not know that jewelry was more expensive than beautifully packaged boxes. However, today, the folly of "buying a coin for a pearl" seems less ridiculous. I don't know what the moon cake manufacturers and customers who buy moon cakes look at the packaging think.

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