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According to the Yangtze Evening News on August 3, it is more than a month before the Mid Autumn Festival, and moon cakes have quietly appeared in major shopping malls in Nanjing. After the national development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions issued an announcement to limit the excessive packaging of moon cakes, the "slimming" effect of moon cakes on the market this year has been relatively obvious. The first batch of moon cakes listed this summer are characterized by health, simplicity and so on. As the saying goes, "Buddha depends on gold clothes, and people rely on clothes". If a commodity wants to "go out" to market, it must have a good "clothing". Good packaging is very important for commodities. However, in recent years, the price of boxed moon cakes has risen year by year, the packaging materials of moon cakes are expensive, the packaging of moon cakes is generally too large, and moon cake partners dominate. When buying moon cakes, many customers can't help but muttering, "am I buying moon cakes or packaging?" According to relevant data, China spends more than 10billion yuan on moon cake production every year, including 2.5 billion yuan on packaging; For every 10million cartons of moon cakes are produced, millions of trees with a diameter of more than 10 cm need to be cut down for packaging consumables. It is not difficult to find that according to the size of energy, packaging consumables and costs have risen sharply, often exceeding the price of the product itself. So it seems that these "strange" excessive packaging has actually posed a threat to our environmental protection and caused a serious waste of resources. 1. Model and specification: MWW ⑴ 0 the author believes that excessive packaging is a kind of packaging with excess function and value. It consumes too much materials, is too large, uses high-grade materials, and has luxurious decoration, which exceeds the functional requirements of packaging to protect goods and beautify goods. The decorative function is excessive, and there is a suspicion of exaggeration and fraud in the nature of packaging. When people buy moon cakes, they spend money to buy them with a mind and a real intention. They spend a lot of expensive money but buy things that are not practical. This kind of "dumb" eating is really a bit unjust! I'm glad to see that relevant departments and manufacturers have recognized this crisis. Nanjing moon cake's conscious "slimming down" is a good illustration of this. Customers have been waiting for this day for a long time. Now our country, from the central government to the people, is advocating the construction of a conservation oriented society. Building a conservation oriented society is an important guarantee for sustainable development. Each of us should establish a sense of green packaging and say "no" to excessive packaging

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