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Moon cake tying from the box to the outside of the box to bundle red wine and tea sales

mid autumn moon cake festival group purchase booking has been in the hot line to improve the overall competitiveness of the industry. The widely criticized tying phenomenon still exists, and new tricks have emerged: tying items include both physical objects and gift certificates, and the tying method has shifted from inside the moon cake box to outside the box

many famous moon cake manufacturers have hung new moon cakes on the station. On the website of Yuanzu Food Co., Ltd., we can see that the "Yuanzu golden goblet vs. moon" in 2005 has 13 moon cakes, priced at 328 yuan, with a 200ml bottle of VSOP, while this year's "golden goblet vs. moon" has 14 moon cakes, priced at 498 yuan. Obviously, the quantity is almost the same as that of last year, but the price is more than 50% higher than that of last year until the development of DNA hydrogel. After inquiring, I learned that this year's moon cakes were also presented with a bottle of Hennessy. "However, the gifts are outside the moon cake box, and the two are bundled." Asked whether it was possible to reduce the price of mooncakes without complimentary items, the salesperson gave a negative answer. Another kind of moon cake called "flower dance string moon" last year is changed to "flower dance Mingyue" this year, which contains 28 moon cakes and sells for 798 yuan. Yuanzu's salesperson said that this moon cake also comes with oolong tea outside the box

a similar situation was also found at the station of a famous time-honored restaurant in Beijing. A gift box with 11 moon cakes at 288 yuan indicates that red wine is included. But the staff told: "red wine is given separately, not in the moon cake box. Finally, it is sold in a paper bag together with the moon cake." When asked why, the staff immediately said, "the state has regulations that this year's gifts can't be put in the box."

some enterprises have come up with another tying method. A famous foreign-funded enterprise sent cups to the moon cake box last year, for example, it can withstand the extreme high temperature in the lead-free reflow soldering process used to assemble components on the printed circuit board. But this year, the moon cake box will no longer give physical objects, but instead give meal vouchers. Four mooncakes are priced at 336 yuan, with 7 coffee coupons attached. Excluding the price of coffee vouchers, the price of each moon cake is as high as 84 yuan

expert opinion

there is suspicion of forced buying and selling

the relevant person in charge of the China Cuisine Association said that last year, the national development and Reform Commission and other four ministries and commissions jointly issued an announcement that if the market price of tying items in the packaging of moon cakes significantly exceeds the price of moon cakes, the special name should not be marked as moon cakes. Therefore, moon cake enterprises dare not openly tie in moon cake boxes. On the other hand, the new national standard for the production and packaging of moon cakes stipulates that the sales packaging volume per kilogram of moon cakes should not exceed 9.00 × 103 cubic centimeters. Although placing the tie-in items outside can reduce the total volume of the moon cake box, people from the Consumer Association believe that although consumers can choose to buy or not, it is difficult for them to choose among moon cakes of the same specification and packaging. Moon cakes that must buy tie-in items are also suspected of "forced Trading"

information source: Beijing Morning Post

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