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The moon cake packaging standard was officially implemented, and the iron box and wooden box will be changed into cartons in the future. The new moon cake packaging standard will be implemented from June 1. Due to the sharp rise in the price of raw materials and the reduction of packaging costs, the price of moon cakes will still rise by about 10% this year.

the annual China baking industry exhibition has always been regarded as the wind vane of the mid autumn moon cake market. Another special feature of this year is that the mandatory national standard for moon cake packaging will be officially implemented from June 1

it was learned from the 10th China functional baking industry exhibition of changing the experimental machine according to the spring held in Pazhou Exhibition Hall on May 12 that with the implementation of the new system, the number of moon cakes judged as unqualified products due to substandard packaging will undoubtedly double this year's Mid Autumn Festival; The gorgeous coat of moon cakes will quickly return to simplicity

90% of the packaging does not meet the new standard

the mandatory national standard for moon cakes (hereinafter referred to as "the standard") officially issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standards Commission has made detailed provisions on the packaging of moon cakes. Among them, "the sales package volume per kilogram of moon cakes should not exceed 9.00" × 103 cubic centimeters "," packaging materials should meet environmental protection requirements and food hygiene requirements ", etc

in terms of classification, the standard also divides moon cakes into Cantonese style moon cakes, Beijing style moon cakes and Soviet style moon cakes; According to the stuffing, it is divided into nuts, meat and poultry products, aquatic products, rongsha, coconut, fruits and vegetables, fruit flavor, jam, Cereals, pepper and salt, egg yolk, etc

in terms of shelf life, the standard stipulates that from the date of production, the cold processed bulk moon cakes shall not be less than 3 days, the boxed moon cakes shall not be less than 20 days, the hot processed bulk moon cakes shall not be less than 10 days, and the boxed moon cakes shall not be less than 35 days. In terms of the name of the moon cake, the moon cake with lotus paste filling must be marked with "pure lotus paste filling" or "lotus paste filling", and the moon cake with bean paste filling must be marked with what beans it is made of. For preserved fruit filled mooncakes, the names of the main dry or honey fruits used should be indicated. For fruit and vegetable filled mooncakes, the names of the fruits and vegetables used should be indicated, and the specific names of each kind of nuts used should be indicated

the implementation of the standard will have a huge impact on the current moon cake packaging. According to experts' estimates, according to the new standard, 90% of the existing moon cake packaging enterprises will fail to meet the standard and have to pack 5 masonry cement instead

experts said that the main manifestations of moon cake packaging failing to meet the standard are: the attribute name is not clear, such as Guangzhou style lotus seed paste, some only write the commodity names such as "eight stars accompany the moon" or "Chang'e rushes to the moon", while the correct writing should be "Guangzhou style lotus seed paste"; For the identification of net content, there can only be two methods, one is to mark a single net content, such as 175 grams × 4 refers to four moon cakes, 175 grams each, and the other is marked with a box of moon cakes with a total net content of 750 grams

wooden box packaging will disappear

at this Baking Exhibition, there are almost no wooden moon cake packaging boxes commonly seen in previous years in the exhibition area. Even if they are metal packaging boxes, only a few exhibitors are showing them

last year, it was found that the wooden moon cake packaging box had hidden dangers in environmental protection, and the release of formaldehyde endangered personal safety. Therefore, the state expressly prohibited the use of untreated wooden packaging boxes with environmental problems for moon cakes and other foods; As for the metal packaging box, due to environmental factors, it is bound to gradually withdraw from the moon cake packaging market

at this exhibition, various moon cake packaging boxes were dazzling. Many enterprises showed both last year's packaging style and this year's new moon cake packaging boxes. It was found that the packaging size of moon cakes was still both size and size, with both size and size, but the packaging materials were mainly cartons, while only a few enterprises showed the previously popular iron boxes

an exhibitor in Guangzhou admitted that due to the implementation of the new packaging standards, luxury packaging has become unpopular in the market, "we were forced to reduce business sales in this area". However, the person also said that the size of the moon cake packaging box is no different from that of last year, "The new standard has little impact on us. We have strong flexibility in packaging design, which can be modified according to the different requirements of moon cake manufacturers. In the past, it can be large and empty, but now it can also be large and solid in today's Germany. Now our moon cake packaging box capacity can be about 12, and the moon cake box should be large. It is recommended to use the lagging ring method"

another packaging exhibitor from Foshan said that, in fact, Some businesses of moon cake packaging manufacturers are market-oriented, and the other part is specially designed for hotel requirements. The market-oriented part must comply with national standards and develop towards plain and environmental protection, but the hotel oriented part must be done according to the requirements of the hotel, so it is more flexible. The hotel will require them to put wine in the box or design the box more high-end and luxurious. They can only do it according to the meaning of the hotel while considering environmental protection, otherwise they will lose customers

it is understood that even the packaging required by the hotel is much simpler this year than in previous years

this year, the price of moon cake ingredients increased by 10%

in addition to the impact of packaging, the price of stuffing also increased a lot in this year's moon cake market. In the moon cake stuffing exhibition area of the exhibition, some exhibitors looked sad. Many exhibitors reported that due to the continuous rise in the prices of various raw materials in the past two years, the price of moon cake stuffing has also risen all the way

the stuffing exhibitors all over the country spit bitterness: apart from other things, let's say the two main raw materials of stuffing: first, sugar, the price has risen from 3800 yuan per ton last year to more than 5800 yuan now; There is also diesel oil, which rose from more than 3 yuan per liter last year to more than 4 yuan this year. Unfortunately, the two major raw materials are still rising. An exhibitor said, "our stuffing makers can't fix the specific price of the stuffing now." According to many stuffing exhibitors, since the exhibition is not over and the price of raw materials is indeed rising, they have not determined the specific price of moon cake stuffing until June at the earliest

many exhibitors agree that "the price rise of moon cakes is inevitable". According to enterprise estimates, the price of moon cakes will increase by at least 10% this year, taking all kinds of factors into consideration

a staff member of a time-honored enterprise in Guangzhou said optimistically, "the Mid Autumn Festival is held once a year. The rise in the price of moon cakes, a traditional festival that Chinese people attach great importance to, will not cause people to give up buying moon cakes. Besides, current consumers are very rational. They understand their purchasing power and know how to choose. Therefore, I am still optimistic about the sales of moon cakes for this year's Mid Autumn Festival."

[data link] the main contents of the mandatory national standard for moon cakes

● iron box, wooden box, today's variable carton

● take "main raw materials and auxiliary materials", "health indicators", "moon cake name", "ingredient list" as mandatory terms, and advocate moon cake production enterprises to quantitatively mark the ingredient content and use a single package for moon cakes

● the packaging cost should not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes

● the sales package volume per kilogram of moon cake should not exceed 9.00 × 103 CC

● the average distance between a single package and the inner wall of the outer package and a single package should not exceed 2.5 cm

source: New Express

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