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Moon cake packaging will be reduced by force from next month

China's first mandatory national standard for moon cakes will be implemented from June 1, which is the first national standard in China's product standards to make mandatory provisions on packaging. In order to make the standard more scientific and operable, the National Standardization Administration Committee recently approved the issuance of the first amendment, which limits the packaging volume of moon cakes for the first time

limit the packaging volume of moon cakes

recently learned from the China Federation of commerce that the content of the mandatory national standard for moon cakes has been modified. Previously, "the vacancy of a single package should not exceed 35% of the total volume of a single package; the average distance between a single package and the inner wall of the outer box and between a single package should not exceed 2.5 cm." It is revised as "the sales package volume of each kilogram of moon cake should not exceed 9.00" × 103 Li provides customers with all-round color collection solutions. "

according to Gao Shushan, President of the municipal pastry industry association, this modification is made to facilitate operation and is more scientific. In the original standard, the packaging volume of a single moon cake is specified, which may make it difficult for enterprises to operate. After the modification, the overall volume of moon cakes is limited, which not only makes it convenient for enterprises to operate, but also makes it more convenient for quality supervision departments to check, and can detect the results faster

the provisions of the original standard that "when packaging moon cakes, moon cake manufacturers and sales enterprises should not use false covers and covers, or other ways of constructing and filling packaging to deceive consumers. The production, shape and filling of moon cake packaging should not cause misleading" will be implemented as scheduled on June 1

QS certification will be promoted next year

according to insiders involved in the formulation of standards, in the future, if the market price of tied items in moon cake packaging significantly exceeds the price of moon cakes, the special name should not be marked as moon cakes. In case of violation of this provision, the relevant departments may punish according to law

in July last year, the national development and Reform Commission, together with the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and the State Administration of quality supervision, issued an announcement on the rectification of luxury moon cakes. However, since most of the moon cake packaging boxes of moon cake manufacturers were produced when the announcement was issued, and there was no legal basis for judging luxury moon cakes in the hands of relevant departments, luxury moon cakes can still be seen last year. However, insiders have pointed out that the national standard for crescent cakes implemented this year is the standard for whether the feeding schedule is too long or insufficient. I believe there will be no luxury moon cakes this mid autumn festival

it is revealed that QS certification will be implemented in the moon cake industry in the second half of this year, and will be enforced next year. As for the detailed rules of QS certification, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine will soon announce

the price of the moon cake changes, and its surface atoms are amorphous layers with neither long-range order nor short-range order; However, the internalization of particles is not large.

this year, the packaging of moon cakes has been forced to "slim down", and will the price of moon cakes fall with it? According to Gao Shushan's analysis, affected by the national standard, luxury moon cakes should disappear, while the price of ordinary packaged moon cakes will not change much

the decline in packaging costs should have reduced the overall price of moon cakes, but according to Gao Shushan's analysis, the price of raw materials for moon cakes continued to rise this year, adding a lot of costs to moon cake manufacturers. Therefore, it is expected that the market price of moon cakes this year should be the same as last year

3. A wide range of supply sources

at present, moon cake manufacturers have entered the busy period of preparing moon cakes and customizing moon cake packaging boxes for the Mid Autumn Festival this year. From the sample packaging launched by the moon cake manufacturers, the more practical mass gift wrapped and composite color wrapped moon cakes are more common, and there are also a large number of simple cartridge and bulk products. Several major manufacturers have said that since last year, they have consciously avoided excessive packaging and paid attention to popular consumption, so the implementation of the new regulations this year will not have a major impact on the production and sales of new products. From the price point of view, the price of ordinary boxed moon cakes is around 50 yuan, and the expensive ones are only oneortwo yuan. The new moon cake standard implemented next month will make enterprises more clear about the calculation method of moon cake packaging volume, and they will also customize moon cake packaging boxes according to this new standard

according to Gao Shushan, the moon cake market generally starts three months before the Mid Autumn Festival. According to the market feedback last year, affordable and civilian mooncakes will still occupy the mainstream of the market this year. Merchants also said that the purchase of moon cakes this year will mainly focus on products with tens of yuan or hundreds of yuan, and increase the varieties of moon cakes in bulk and in cans

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