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Nanjing moon cake packaging has slimmed down the "private" operation of high-end moon cakes

the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine jointly issued a document on July 4 to curb the phenomenon of "high priced moon cakes" and excessive packaging of moon cakes. This document received the response of many manufacturers, and the gimmicky "sky high price moon cakes" lost the stage of "making a show". The night before yesterday, it was found at the "Mid Autumn Festival moon cake Exhibition" in Jinling Hotel that the price of moon cakes produced by Jinling Hotel this year is mostly between 60 and 300 yuan. A 98 yuan moon cake gift box has fashionable and simple packaging, and the taste is mainly Soviet style

in view of the phenomenon of "private" operation of high-end moon cakes, according to the analysis of insiders, there are two kinds of high-end moon cakes, which are also affected by the "slimming order". First, thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan of "sky high price moon cakes". Although these moon cakes are covered with gold and silver, they are extremely luxurious, but there is only one purpose - commercial speculation. There are few actual buyers, and businesses do not intend to make money on it. Therefore, the impact is not large, and everyone is not willing to recommend them again this year. The second is the moon cake gift box produced by the manufacturer according to the ordered quantity according to the special requirements of a few units or individuals, which is equipped with many high-end tonics. Compared with ordinary moon cakes, the profit of this high-end gift box is much higher. With the "slimming order", its profit naturally shrinks a lot. Therefore, in order to realize the Chinese dream in expanding and strengthening the industry, many moon cake manufacturers are moving towards a healthy and sustainable development. The plastic extruder industry in China is making money from Putong moon cakes. They not only compete fiercely in the middle and low-end moon cake market, but also launch many moon cake recommendations to earn popularity, hoping to win big customers and win by volume

but for high-end moon cakes, many moon cake manufacturers in Nanjing are also very difficult. Give up the high-end market. Other manufacturers are producing. If they don't grab this market, it will be detrimental to the development of enterprises; At the same time, seeing a lot of waste, I also feel distressed about zhuhongbo, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager of Dow Automotive Systems Division. Therefore, only "production on demand" is available this year, which neither violates the regulations nor loses "value"

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