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Moon cake packaging slimming standards will be implemented next month. Food counterfeiting will be targeted at nine categories of products.

moon cake packaging "slimming" mandatory standards will be implemented next month. The luxurious and exquisite moon cake box will be implemented next month. There are only a few ordinary moon cakes inside. In the past, consumers were all deceived when buying moon cakes. Today, the energy-saving transformation of existing residential buildings in hot summer and cold winter areas is 5000. If we want to make a non-standard sample, Wan Ping adds square meters excessively in order to seek profits; 120million square meters of energy-saving renovation of public buildings and offices of public institutions; The supervision department learned that the national mandatory standard for moon cakes will be officially implemented from June 1, and this situation is expected to be improved. According to the introduction, the new standard stipulates that the packaging cost of moon cakes should not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes. When packaging moon cakes, moon cake manufacturers and sales enterprises should not construct and fill packaging in other ways to deceive consumers. After June 1, consumers can report and complain if they find that "luxury gift box moon cakes" are produced and sold again

the crackdown on food counterfeiting focuses on nine categories of "eating and drinking" products

today, the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision learned that from now on to the end of July, the quality supervision department will carry out special crackdown on food counterfeiting throughout the city. It is understood that this special anti-counterfeiting action will focus on the inspection of pastries, children's food, beer, wine, canned beverages, barreled drinking water, frozen drinks, edible vegetable oil, salt and other foods, and will focus on the investigation and punishment of illegal acts of using non food raw materials to produce and process food, adulteration, adulteration, counterfeiting, packaging food with illegal materials, excessive use of additives and pigments, insufficient measurement Illegal acts such as non-compliance with regulations in labeling, and severely crack down on unlicensed and unlicensed black dens

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