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The Mid Autumn Festival has been listed in the first batch of 518 national intangible cultural heritage protection lists recently approved by the State Council. As a traditional festival in China, the custom of "enjoying the bright moon and eating moon cakes" has become a symbol of Chinese culture and civilization. However, the appearance of "high priced and luxurious moon cakes" and "black workshop moon cakes" in previous years cast a shadow on the mid autumn festival culture and civilization. However, the introduction of the new "standard" for moon cake packaging has brought some new changes to the market. Our ordinary consumers are the biggest beneficiaries. We can easily taste moon cakes and enjoy the moon with our family and friends

the new standard was issued

in order to regulate the order of the moon cake market, the gb-19855 standard, approved and issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and implemented on June 1 this year, is the first national standard in China to make mandatory provisions on packaging

there are four requirements for moon cake packaging in this standard. The third item puts forward general requirements for packaging: 1 The packaging cost shall not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes; 2. The empty space of a single package shall not exceed 35% of the total volume of a single package, and the average distance between a single package and the inner wall of the outer box and a single package shall not exceed 2.5cm; 3. Deoxidizers and preservatives should not be in direct contact with moon cakes. A few days ago, the first amendment approved and issued by the National Standardization Administration Committee revised the second mandatory requirement to: "the sales packaging volume per kilogram of moon cakes should not exceed 9.00 × 103 cubic centimeters. "

the implementation of the standard will have a huge impact on the high-efficiency, energy-saving advantages and high cost-effective packaging of moon cakes, which will still hit a wall if they follow the old path. Therefore, on this year's Mid Autumn Festival, the number of moon cakes that were judged as unqualified products because their packaging did not meet our conclusion that they were standard products will undoubtedly increase exponentially. At the same time, the luxurious packaging of moon cakes, which was once hyped as more and more outrageous, will return to the original nature and simplicity

moon cake packaging enterprises reshuffle and integrate

experts estimate that according to the new standard, 90% of the existing moon cake packaging will not meet the standard and must be changed. The main manifestations of moon cake packaging failing to meet the standard are: the attribute name is not clear; The identification of net content is not clear; Adopt untreated wooden packing boxes with environmental protection problems, etc. The previous situation is. Some small workshops have achieved fast drying performance comparable to polyester sweat absorbing fast drying silk. Packaging enterprises can achieve very good benefits only by packaging moon cakes every year

the implementation of the national mandatory standard for moon cake packaging has made strict provisions on the volume and cost of moon cake packaging, requiring the development of moon cake packaging to be flat and environmentally friendly. Therefore, the luxury packaging in the past is no longer popular in the market and will lose the space for market survival. Moreover, with the rising cost of raw materials this year, the profit of moon cake packaging market is becoming thinner, and the moon cake packaging industry will shrink suddenly

"this year's moon cake packaging is difficult to do, and there is no money to make. We will no longer engage in the moon cake packaging industry this year, but turn to other packaging businesses." A few days ago, a boss of a food packaging enterprise in Xi'an told me. Therefore, the restrictions on moon cake packaging in the new national standard, coupled with the rising costs of raw materials and labor this year, will make a large number of small manual workshop packaging enterprises withdraw from the packaging industry because there is no rice in the pot

according to the analysis of insiders, the profit of moon cake packaging industry will drop by at least 10% this year, and 30% of moon cake packaging enterprises will withdraw from the market. Such a wave will make the moon cake packaging industry reshuffle, and some packaging enterprises with large scale and strong comprehensive strength will obtain greater business opportunities. They will take this opportunity to integrate the market and further strengthen and expand the enterprise

the new standard benefits the country and the people

according to the survey, the annual sales of moon cakes in China is about 10billion yuan, and the packaging accounts for about 20% of the production cost of moon cakes, with the highest up to 30%. Moon cakes are more and more tired of packaging. Many years ago, the packaging of moon cakes was just ordinary plastic boxes and cardboard boxes. But in recent years, the design has become more and more exquisite. The thousand yuan moon cakes and ten thousand yuan moon cakes have made ordinary consumers sigh, and they don't know who bought and who ate those moon cakes

such outrageous packaging of moon cakes has aroused strong opposition from ordinary consumers, including some professionals. Everyone denounced such luxurious over packaging. According to reports, Shanghai produces 10million boxes of mooncakes every year, and the packaging of these mooncakes consumes about 400 to 600 trees with a diameter of 10 cm at breast height. Nationally, the number of trees eaten during a mid autumn festival is at least 10 times higher. Not to mention such wasteful over packaging, whether it is harmonious with the main theme of our country to create an energy-saving society, from the perspective of ordinary consumers, a consumer in Xi'an said, "the main purpose of buying moon cakes is to taste, not to appreciate the outer packaging box. But why is there no moon cake that I can afford." It can be said that the biggest beneficiary of the new standards is ordinary consumers. Of course, it's not that ordinary consumers refuse to package. I saw some moon cakes in the market a few days ago, and they are very popular with the people because of their continuous innovation and change in packaging design. For example, it is packed in drawstring cloth bags, with exquisite and generous design and environmental protection; The packaging with black as the background color has novel and fashionable design; Cartoon characters are packaged, and lantern riddles are matched on the moon cake box

"the moon is cloudy and clear, and the market economy is also a matter of joy and sorrow

however, as a packaging enterprise, as long as it stands at the height of the harmonious development of the country, firmly grasp the market law, and based on consumers, it will "raise its glass to invite the moon and all families to be happy"

source: China Packaging News

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