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The "toxic toys" incident led to a 20% decline in the sales of plastic products

as a convenient cleaning agenda item, plastic has always been popular. But recently, the "March 15" has pushed plastic products into the air of public opinion. The exposure of toxic plastic toys has terrified the public and made them extremely sensitive to other plastic products

event review: carcinogenic and toxic toys broke out on March 15

recently, the exposed video of CCTV's March 15 evening party showed that the raw materials of some toy enterprises in Chenghai, Guangdong are recycled medical waste and domestic waste. According to insiders, most of these toys, which use waste recycled plastics as raw materials, flow into the three no products market. It is suggested that citizens should recognize the CCC safety certification mark when purchasing toys for their children

medical waste

it is reported that pathogenic microorganisms are easy to cause infectious diseases. The pathogenic bacteria and viruses contained in the polyurethane foam are dozens or even thousands of times that of ordinary domestic waste. The main components contained in the polyurethane foam are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and less than 10% nitrogen times. The national law clearly stipulates that medical waste is forbidden to be reused and returned to the society. However, in Chenghai, Guangdong, medical waste such as used infusion sets and syringes is a local hot commodity. Also in hot demand are various kinds of plastic household garbage, including discarded beverage bottles and shampoo bottles

the investigation found that these "second materials" were wholesale into some small factories producing plastic toys. In Chenghai, such small factories are also next to each other. Most of them do not hang the name of the factory, and the production process is similar. "Two materials" are directly added to the injection molding machine, and then after assembly, they become cars, Rubik's cube, rattles and other pieces of play, making it difficult to identify the yield point of the finished product

it is reported that formaldehyde has been identified by the World Health Organization as a carcinogen and teratogenic substance and is recognized as a source of allergy. Studies have shown that children are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde, which can cause chronic poisoning and even leukemia

current situation investigation: the sales volume of plastic products decreased by 20%

once the incident broke out, it aroused strong repercussions from all walks of life. For a moment, people were in a panic. Other plastic products, such as plastic cups, plastic slippers and other plastic products, were "affected" by this, and their sales fell by 20% year-on-year

citizens are not only cautious when buying "toys", but also begin to doubt other plastic products. Yesterday, businesses selling plastic products in a number of small commodity markets in Beijing felt a headache. "Buy a pair of slippers and ask if there is poison..." a wholesaler selling slippers said that the weekend should have been the peak sales period. Recently, due to the involvement of "toxic toys", the public's trust in plastic products has decreased. People who wanted to buy plastic slippers either chose high-end plastic slippers or simply suspended their shopping plan

businesses selling other plastic goods also feel the same way. Many citizens will ask whether they are environmentally friendly and heat-resistant after they see plastic goods. The trading volume has also decreased significantly. Compared with the previous week, the sales volume has decreased by 20%. Some citizens even said that they would have doubts about plastic products when they thought of the problem of "toxic toys"

although the sales of plastic products decreased due to the "fear of plastic" of the public, most wholesalers operated a wide variety of goods. Even if the sales of plastic products decreased, the sales of other alternative goods increased slightly. "Glasses have been selling very well recently." A wholesaler said that many citizens gave up buying plastic products, and the water cups made of ceramics, glass and other materials in the store became best sellers

conclusion: the exposure of toxic plastic toys has made the public begin to realize the safety of plastic products. There are advantages and disadvantages here. It can guide the task to use and recycle plastic products correctly, but it also makes people who don't know plastic resist plastic products. Here, we appeal that all plastic products should be purchased in regular shopping malls, and resolutely resist ground stalls and "three no" products, so as to crack down on criminals. It is the "environmental protection chair" made of recycled milk packaging that can be seen everywhere in the toxic Expo, which has pushed the utilization of paper packaging products to a new climax. Plastic is far away from our lives

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