The most unpowered 190A gasoline electric welding

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Not connected to power 190A gasoline electric welding machine

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the off-line 190A gasoline powered electric welding machine is energy-saving, environmental friendly and low-noise. It can meet the requirements of all position welding of steel pipes. It has outstanding continuous welding stability, clear molten pool, fine, flat and well formed weld bead ripple. It is easy to move, has complete functions, high construction efficiency, low operation cost, timely supply of parts and guaranteed after-sales services. It is an excellent welding machine tailored for high-end users in China.

off-line 1 The main features of 90a gasoline electric welding machine are as follows:

1 Small size, light weight, throttling data, easy to carry and move

2. High efficiency and energy saving, the efficiency can reach 100%, which is more than 2/3 energy saving than the traditional welding machine

3. Good dynamic characteristics, easy arc striking, stable arc, beautiful weld formation and small splash

4. It is suitable for contacting with robots to form an active welding production system

5. One machine can be used for multiple purposes to complete a variety of welding and cutting processes

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