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E-sales insurance is stopped and insurance marketing faces new challenges

how many insurance sales can we receive every month, every week, or even every day? Did the enthusiastic and tireless insurance salesman bring us help or trouble? Most people have the same answer to these questions. Now we can't afford to be bothered by the promotion of insurance. Not long ago, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) successively issued relevant regulations to clearly regulate the behavior of insurance promotion. Does this mean that we will not receive such promotion again? What can China's insurance industry do to be healthier? Chenweihong, host of CCTV financial channel, and xuweihong and Liu Ge, famous financial commentators, jointly commented

what new challenges will insurance marketing face when insurance marketing is stopped and strange visits are limited

Liu Ge: insurance salesmen have a professional marketing model (commentator of today's observation)

I have received sales promotion from insurance salesmen, which really makes me feel a little annoyed. They also have many new forms, such as letting customers attend financial management lectures. When they go, they know that they sell insurance. Among their related discourse systems, there is a kind of script, which means that they must use standardized scripts to achieve their goals. They all take a set of professional teaching materials to communicate with customers. They have a set of marketing work and models, so long as they follow this teaching plan

xuweihong: the sales promotion method of insurance salesmen is very scientific (commentator of today's observation)

I have received too many calls from insurance salesmen, and the key is that when I am in a meeting and doing important things, it will be embarrassing for me to call them for no reason. I have received such a message, which is to promote an insurance for children, and then impress me with my father's love and love. In marketing, it is very scientific through a touch

sunyuechao: our job is to invite customers (insurance agents)

our job is actually to invite customers. We will equip practitioners with scripts and numbers. People will tell them, and then call unfamiliar customers. I had been calling for two months. I had about 20 customers a month on average. It's possible that you may not be able to make an appointment for two days, but we should be prepared

sunyuechao: our job is to contact the customer before dialing

in groups and semicolons, and give the old customer a family accident insurance free of charge. If the customer wants to come, the assistant will make a record in a small book. There are 400 or 500 people on the list. It is possible that each person will have one or three assistants. If there are 400 people on the list, some are fighting by themselves, and some are hiring people to fight. Therefore, there are far more than 400 people fighting, about 700 or 800 people fighting. Why do some people clearly refuse to sell, or call again and again? For example, the appointment assistant of my group has been playing this number segment. After a period of time, other groups may be playing this number segment

Liu Ge: marketing is very effective

more than 70% of new monthly orders come from marketing

in fact, playing is a very effective way. More than 70% of new monthly orders in the insurance industry come from marketing, which is a very high proportion. The insurance salesman gets very accurate customers, such as hospital delivery rooms, 4S stores, tax bureaus, business associations, beauty salons, etc., that is, marketing can accurately find the target of the insurance salesman, so the effect is very good

there are actually two types of marketing. One is approved, that is, Ping An insurance obtained its first license in 2007, which is the marketing license. The marketing of this insurance is relatively standardized. Relatively speaking, it has a unified number, and the company shall adopt a heat transfer coefficient of about 0.7wmm ⑵ for the rear wall and both sides of the customer's material test box? K ⑴'s thermal insulation material is relatively confidential, and these business personnel are well-trained. In addition, when insurance agents in many companies know that marketing is a very good marketing method, they hire people or set up a call center to recruit people without qualifications, licenses or business licenses to carry out such a marketing activity. Now it seems that this proportion accounts for a larger proportion of the so-called disturbing residents

xuweihong: we should standardize the non-standard behavior in marketing.

from the perspective of market demand, with the improvement of China's income level, the aging degree, and our awareness of insurance and financial management, we really need insurance companies to provide us with insurance policies and even some financial products. So when there is a contradiction between such demand and supply, then the means of marketing is adopted. Our problem now is how to manage marketing well and regulate such irregular behavior. From the perspective of industry norms and the company's interests, 4) the size of the initial crack in the ceramic body is quite large compared with the mm level microstructure. On the one hand, the insurance company should maximize its interests and how to make the marketing means most effective. However, if it disturbs the people, it will blow its head in the end

Liu Ge: at present, the insurance company is a left-hand blogger.

at present, the insurance company is a left-hand blogger. On the one hand, it should ensure the marketing business, on the other hand, it should ensure the traditional business. Because of their current business model, fights can not be avoided. For a specific manager, he must ask his subordinates to show more performance, so sometimes he can only "turn a blind eye"

frequent sales promotion, and insurance marketing has been criticized. How should insurance be sold without fighting

Liu Ge: the business model of over marketing in the insurance industry cannot be changed at present.

China's insurance industry began to use the agent system in the early 1990s. They used the crowd tactics to select employees to enter the company. After strict training, they built up their confidence to resist setbacks and were not afraid of rejection. Then they set up an ambitious goal of 100000 yuan, which is just starting. Millions of yuan is the goal. They create a dream of becoming rich, and constantly pull people in. Every person they pull in, There will be a circle of relatives and friends around this person, who will be highly encouraged at the stage of appropriately increasing the research and development investment in the related subject projects of the experimental machine. However, after three months, his performance will not be good, because the relationship between relatives and friends has been exhausted, and he will be eliminated. In this case, the insurance agent has to accept the training and obligations of employees. At the same time, he has no rights of employees, no base salary and no insurance. Therefore, under such a high incentive and high elimination, he is forced to do some excessive marketing. Such a business model cannot be changed

xuweihong: we need to regulate and expand the sales channels of insurance. We need top-down regulation and bottom-up mechanism guarantee.

now, more insurance has entered the concept of conventional financial services and financial intermediary services. We expect that everyone and every family will have their own financial advisers in the future. This financial adviser provides us with a series of financial demand solutions, Instead of simply selling insurance, selling insurance only by sales skills or relatives will be phased out. For example, when I was living in France, every March or April, the customer manager of my bank would call me and tell me that my social insurance expired; Every July and August, he would tell me about the housing insurance. He knew my needs very well

at present, we need to regulate the insurance industry in China. We need top-down regulation and bottom-up mechanism guarantee. As far as the current insurance companies are concerned, there are relevant regulations. In fact, the CIRC has done a lot of work, but how can we ensure that the relevant regulations can be implemented in the market mechanism? This not only requires the CIRC to regulate from top to bottom, but also requires us to consider this issue from the perspective of the company's operation from bottom to top

Zhengwei: marketing is a new channel and means of insurance company marketing. We should further implement the concept of consumer protection from the regulatory level (special commentator of today's observation, director of the Department of risk management and insurance, School of economics, Peking University)

marketing is a new thing in recent years. From the international situation, marketing is a new channel and means of insurance company marketing, However, at present, the main reason is that there are many non-standard behaviors in the process of the emergence of this new thing. After the sales of insurance products, how can we provide better services and higher quality services to consumers? This aspect is relatively neglected. We still need to do a lot of work. One is to strictly implement the insurance law newly implemented on october1,2009, and the drafting and promulgation of relevant judicial interpretations, as well as relevant departmental rules and supporting normative documents. One is to further implement the concept of consumer protection from the regulatory level. In the process of regulatory implementation, as long as the interests of consumers are infringed, the insurance regulatory agencies should give a heavy fist to curb such acts

Liu Ge: at present, the method of screwing the towel adopted by insurance companies can not make the insurance industry respected and develop healthily.

as an insurance marketer, we must first have strong psychological endurance and anti frustration ability. In fact, I am quite aggrieved by this group. At present, there are 2.56 million registered insurance agents, and many insurance agents have become unwelcome people. This is a profession that should be respected, Because sometimes buying an insurance is a lifetime thing, the insurance industry should provide long-term service for the full assessment of process risks, but now there is a high turnover rate. Insurance companies now adopt a towel twisting method, that is, to let insurance agents leave after their relatives and friends have contributed. In this way, the industry cannot be respected and develop healthily. In many cities and towns in the United States, the insurance salesman is the local live Lei Feng. Because he knows his customers like the back of his hand, he will serve them all his life

xuweihong: we hope that China's insurance industry can develop healthily and ensure our basic insurance service needs.

in fact, this is a relationship between a virtuous circle of development and a vicious circle of development. The reason why the American insurance salesman can become a local live Lei Feng is that he plays a role not only in selling a product to you, but also in getting a commission, In fact, this has something to do with the upgrading of our consumption habits and investment habits. China is now in the process of getting enough food and clothing, solving the problem of food and clothing, becoming well-off, and gradually starting to pursue a rich life. In fact, insurance is a very important part of our rich life puzzle. From the perspective of the industry, we hope to have a healthy development of the insurance industry that can guarantee our basic insurance service needs. CCTV observation today

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