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Insoluble sulfur realizes fully sealed continuous production

yesterday, it was learned from Yichun science and Technology Bureau of Jiangxi province that the key new product planning project of Jiangxi Province - high thermal stability insoluble sulfur undertaken by Jiangxi hengxingyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. has passed the expert appraisal organized by Jiangxi science and Technology Department. Through the research and development of this project, hengxingyuan company has developed a fully sealed pipeline type continuous production process of insoluble sulfur with independent intellectual property rights, and built a 3000 ton production unit. The 10000 ton production line is under single machine commissioning, and is expected to be officially put into production within the year

according to Cao Keqiang, an engineer of hengxingyuan company, the carbon disulfide recovery rate in the new process is increased from 55% to more than 95%, and the resource utilization rate of sulfur is increased to 99%, thus greatly reducing the production cost. The insoluble sulfur products produced by the new process are 120 ℃ × The 15min thermal stability reaches 60.2%, and the performance is equivalent to that of the high thermal stability insoluble sulfur products of the United States, but the price is only 2/3 of that of the United States, which can replace imported products

Cao Keqiang told him that the method is: take point B on the long segment, which is basically equal to the lattice number of the short segment, from the tensile point O. China has always used high-temperature gasification method for the production of insoluble sulfur. Materials must stay in multiple reactors for a period of time to complete the corresponding reaction, which is an intermittent production mode. There are problems such as flammability, explosion, corrosion and pollution in the production process of this process. In addition, the product stability and clearing machine and table are also poor, which can not meet the needs of the rubber industry. At present, the widely used domestic multi reactor bonding strength - the stress required to separate two metal blocks bonded with adhesive (tensile force divided by bonding area) to take insoluble sulfur process technology also has the problems that the connecting pipeline is easy to be blocked by sulfur, it is difficult to operate continuously for a long time, and intermediate products are easy to run out of the connection between the reactor and the pipeline, resulting in large material losses and high production costs

the new process is to complete a series of reactions in the whole fully sealed pipeline process, set the process procedures in each working section of the fully sealed pipeline in turn, and each working section pipeline is equivalent to a reactor, and provide corresponding process conditions for each working section pipeline. In this way, from the beginning of entering the fully sealed pipeline system, the materials will flow through the pipelines of each working section in sequence according to the process sequence in the system, completing a series of physical and chemical reactions, and finally obtaining insoluble sulfur products with high grade and high thermal stability. The intermediate recovered materials and carbon disulfide extractant enter the fully sealed pipeline system again for the next cycle, so as to realize the continuous production of insoluble sulfur in a fully sealed pipeline

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