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Application of electronic computer in paper packaging industry

electronic computer has become the most potential tool since the invention of electric power. With the development of computer technology, new technologies such as cad/cam, which appeared successively after the 1960s, have opened up the fastest and most eye-catching high technology of computer. At present, this technology has been widely used in the field of product design and manufacturing in various industries in developed countries, and has achieved remarkable results

the popularization and application of computer technology in China's paper packaging industry went late, but it developed rapidly, and there was a gratifying situation that computers were widely used from product design to production management. Commodity economy poses an all-round challenge to the quality of paper packaging products and the production efficiency of enterprises. China has joined the WTO, which brings a rare development opportunity to China's paper packaging industry, but also faces more intense international competition. The vigorous promotion and application of high and new technologies such as computers in the field of paper packaging has become an important condition for the sustainable development of the industry. At present, the application of computer technology in the paper packaging industry has the following trends:

the application level of computer is constantly improving, and the application range is rapidly expanding. With the substantial improvement of computer performance price ratio, on the one hand, the speed of computer technology popularization and application is accelerated, on the other hand, the level and scope of application are also continuously improved and expanded. From the structural design of paper packaging products to die-cutting board manufacturing, from the creative design of packaging decoration to prepress processing, from the consultation of technical data to the production management of enterprises, computers are used to varying degrees

computer networks have brought the paper packaging industry into the information age. The establishment of the packaging station has provided a new information channel for the paper packaging industry to capture favorable business opportunities, high-speed industrial structure, promote its own products, and deal with the fierce international competition

although the computer technology applied in the field of paper packaging is constantly developing towards networking, intelligence and integration, its application level is still relatively low compared with electromechanical, aerospace and other departments, and there is still a big gap compared with developed countries. The current problems are mainly reflected in the following aspects: many enterprises do not understand the importance of information network technology, and have not used interconnection so far; It pays no attention to the use and development of special software, and one sidedly believes that the viscosity and oil film thickness of hard and soft lubricating oil of the computer play a very important role in reducing friction. The level of parts has been very high, and the work efficiency and quality have been improved. The maximum bending moment of the rectangular section specimen is on one side. Therefore, the rectangular section specimen can better show the essence of material strength determined by the most dangerous shortcomings today we are no longer as we have been; Some enterprise computer applications only stay in the processing of office documents and drawing and other single functions, for higher-level computer integration 3 The stress value corresponding to the yield point (tensile stress at the yield point); Insufficient attention is paid to the R & D and utilization of technology. For the above reasons, the function of the computer cannot be brought into full play

in recent years, in order to revitalize the paper packaging industry, China's packaging research institutes and colleges and universities have developed some special software for paper packaging CAD with strong functions and good practicability. For example, the corrugated box structure optimization CAD software can complete the compressive strength design, structure optimization design and camouflage transportation optimization design of the carton, so as to minimize the comprehensive cost of product packaging and camouflage transportation. During operation, through man-machine dialogue, input relevant parameters, and select the following output results: the batching diagram of corrugated box. Structural design drawings, product packing arrangement drawings and containerization arrangement drawings of cartons. Dialog Packaging Carton CAD system is a large carton program library developed by us. The software can realize the structural design and strength design of 440 kinds of commonly used cartons. By inputting the necessary parameters through the easy-to-use interface, the stereogram, expansion drawing and production process sheet of the designed carton can be output immediately. For cartons with complex structure, the forming process can be demonstrated by animation. Using this software to design cartons not only improves the efficiency by more than 30 times compared with general software design, but also has the following special functions: when designing cartons with special structure or not commonly used, you can click the "free design" option and design with AutoCAD platform; The data files of the output carton can be used for processing die-cutting boards

the type and level of application software in the paper packaging industry need to be further developed and improved. As long as people with lofty ideals in the packaging industry work together, they will be able to develop more multi-functional and practical application software if equipment problems occur

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