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Application of electronic fence in substation perimeter protection

1. User requirements

several substations subordinate to an electric power bureau need to be installed with anti-theft alarm systems to prevent illegal intrusion and alarm in time, so that in case of emergency, they can make rapid response and truly unattended substation, which is to block criminals outside the substation and ensure the safety of power facilities in the substation, And improve the economic benefits of the electric power bureau

2. Composition of the electronic fence security system

the security system of each substation is divided into two parts: the front end of the electronic fence of the substation and the control host

the front end of the electronic fence of the substation includes: alloy wire, support rod, warning sign, lightning arrester, wire clamp and support rod base, which are installed on the surrounding wall of the substation

the control host of the electronic fence is installed in the substation machine room, and the control host transmits electronic pulse signals. When someone illegally crosses or cuts the electronic fence, it sends out an alarm audible and visual display, and transmits the alarm signal to the monitoring center of the electric power bureau through different public standards corresponding to different detection items through a dialer

3. Main functional features of the electronic fence security system

3.1 blocking function

◆ the electronic fence cable is installed on the surrounding wall of the substation. Especially today, the circulation of goods is frequent, and the well cover pressure testing machine on the market is hung on the cable every 15 meters. Many warning signs forbid climbing in the electronic fence to deter the intruders and let them give up the idea of invasion

◆ the cable of the electronic fence is equipped with high-voltage electronic pulse. When the intruder touches the cable, he will immediately be stimulated by strong electricity and give up the invasion. The electronic pulse adopts the absolute safe energy of low energy (less than 6 joules), which will not cause any harm to intruders

◆ the whole perimeter of the electronic fence adopts a certain elastic support rod and alloy wire, which is flexible and flexible, and can not bear large weight, so that intruders can not cross with the help of electronic cables

◆ when the intruder uses the forced invasion method, the electronic cable will inevitably be broken and open circuit. At this time, the system immediately senses and sends an alarm to make the intruder give up the invasion attempt

3.2 alarm function

◆ the system has the ability to distinguish accidental touch and forced intrusion. The system automatically leaves people and animals after accidental touch by electrical stimulation, as well as the interference of weather and branches. The system believes that the above behaviors are invalid intrusion, and the system will not alarm, which greatly reduces the false alarm rate of the system

◆ if the intruder forcibly invades, it will inevitably lead to the deformation or disconnection of the electronic cable. The system will immediately alarm when it detects the intrusion, and at the same time, it will output the linkage signal to the linkage output interface, start the linkage device, and realize the double alarm

3.3 the system operates safely and reliably

the daily operation of the system is safe and reliable, the maintenance and inspection are simple, and it is not affected by factors such as weather, plants, small animal flexural modulus of elasticity - another term of flexural modulus, and the false positive rate is low. The front-end equipment of the electronic fence has reliable strength, beautiful appearance and corrosion resistance

4. Conclusion

the electronic fence security system has been successfully applied to the security protection of many unattended substations, and has achieved satisfactory results and won the affirmation of users

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