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Application of embedded computer in self-service kiosks

application background

self service kiosks have been applied in many supermarkets and convenience stores in the world. For consumers, the system provides them with a convenient, fast and easy way to shop. For businesses, self-service kiosks can effectively control costs, reduce the workload of employees, and statistics sales data. However, at present, we are familiar with touch screens and electronic products under the plastic shell of the kiosk machines. Moxa's embedded computer is very suitable for self-service kiosks or similar digital recognition applications

moxa advantages

vga and LVDS independent dual display technology

safe and fast financial system feedback, such as bank confirmation or account verification

voice technology

a variety of connection methods are available: serial port and Ethernet port connection

front end computing and communication

system solutions

the appearance of self-service kiosks is similar to ATM machines, in which embedded computers should be connected to many peripheral devices, such as bar code scanners, The latest news on the touch screen is nothing more than two types of displays, card readers, invoice printers, back-end displays and maintenance keyboards. The Hainan provincial government issued and implemented the "Implementation Opinions on promoting the construction of key shipping and logistics centers in Southeast Asia" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions" output by sensors)

accurate confirmation of bank account number and verification of credit card withdrawal information are the most important links in the self-service kiosk system. Moxa v2101 is the most suitable for this task, because it can directly connect the local equipment and the banking system. Change 1 extensive plastic granulator into a combined and intelligent plastic granulator

in addition, since v2100 embedded computer has VGA and LVDS display interfaces, it is an ideal digital controller. Through the dual display function, customers can use it from the front display, and maintenance personnel can use it from the back. (end)

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