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Inorganic high barrier microwave food packaging materials

with the acceleration of the pace of life, food packaging that can be directly used for microwave heating has become a new hotspot in the development of packaging field. At present, the packaging made of composite materials made of aluminum foil and some plastics that have been adjusted at the factory has the disadvantages of being opaque, not easy to recycle, and cannot be used for microwave processing. The SiOx plated material s0.004 developed in recent years can be used as a substitute. SiOx is a thin layer of silicon oxide plated on pet, PA, PP and other substrates. It not only has better barrier property, but also has excellent atmospheric environmental adaptability. Its barrier property is hardly affected by environmental humidity and temperature changes. SiOx coating has high barrier, high microwave permeability and transparency. The market is prosperous. It can be used to complete the up and down movement of the beam through the movement of the piston. It can also be made into the packaging containers of beverages and edible oils. It has been applied in China. SiOx coating cost is high, and the mass production technology is not perfect, but because of its special performance, it will become an important packaging material in this century

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