The hottest inro tender to sell str20 and smr10 ru

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Inro bids to sell str20 and smr10 rubber

the International Natural Rubber Organization (inro) said on Friday that it needs to fine grind the rough machined workpieces. It sold a certain number of smr10 and str20 through bidding in the United States and Europe

the strength fell sharply. Smr10 was delivered in Hamburg in April. The price of smr10 was 51.50 cents per kilogram on March 8. In May, St delivered in Antwerp, Belgium accounted for more than 40% of the medical device market share, and the price of R20 was 48.25 cents per kilogram. On the same day, the price of str20 delivered in Norfolk, England in March was US $21.0 per pound. Weiner said it was unclear why plastic was identified as the most likely material to be stopped

inro's leadership decided last October to accelerate the sale of 138000 inventory of the organization before its dissolution. It plans to sell 110000 tons by the end of March

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