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Insiders analyze the situation of building waterproof and sealing material enterprises

insiders analyze the situation of building waterproof and sealing material enterprises

November 30, 2001

November 30, 2001 9:03:17

insiders believe that China's waterproof material enterprises have not yet formed an innovative mechanism for technology development, so it is necessary to

aim at the existing problems and learn from foreign advanced technologies, Carry out technical research on key technical topics in an organized way, so as to change the stagnant situation of waterproof material technology in China as soon as possible, and it is suggested to carry out research on the following topics

1. Study the series of hot asphalt mastic to replace the current No. 10 asphalt. To solve the problem of asphalt and heat polluting the environment, an environmental friendly asphalt heating device was developed, and Modified Asphalt Coatings for hot and cold construction were studied

2. Now the number of pitched roofs is increasing year by year. What does the yield point of asphalt felt tile testing machine mean? With many colors and long service life, it can generally provide a warranty period of 20

years, and an American company can also provide a warranty period of 50 years. It is recommended to introduce advanced technology

and key equipment of asphalt felt tiles

3. Develop vulcanized EPDM roof coiled materials, self-adhesive coiled materials and

coiled materials for roof flashing with internal reinforcement, backing reinforcement and white, improve the chemical properties of existing EPDM coiled materials, and develop and promote the adhesive with chlorinated butyl rubber and brominated butyl rubber as the base material with good effect. Develop and increase the self-adhesive tape and cover for joints by 8.50% month on month

4. Study the new generation of

PVC roofing coiled materials with short fiber blending reinforcement, polyester fabric internal reinforcement and synthetic fiber fabric as backing, so as to solve the problem of the durability of PVC coiled materials by using special PVC resin, high molecular weight plasticizer and blending with other polymers

5. Develop polyurethane waterproof paint and one component polyurethane waterproof paint for exposure

6. Develop acrylic rubber anti pollution high-quality waterproof coatings, provide high-grade waterproof materials for exterior wall waterproof,

provide protective coatings for roof coiled materials

7. Develop high-quality one component polyurethane sealing paste, improve the quality of two-component polyurethane sealing paste, and develop modified silicone sealing paste with excellent comprehensive performance

8. Develop a new generation of thermoplastic elastomer waterproof sealing materials, develop weldable reinforced tp0 waterproof

coiled materials, and develop thermoplastic elastomer sealing strips

9. solve the shortage of raw materials: it is suggested to build an app production installation of more than 50000 tons as soon as possible; Solve the migration problem of plasticizers, organize special forces to tackle key problems, improve the quality of domestic polyether, which belongs to the alternative ring opening of propylene oxide and insertion of carbon dioxide on the active center of metal catalyst, increase the production of

and replace imported materials; Solve the problem that TDI depends on imports and install TDI production devices

10. While studying new materials, we should pay attention to the development of relevant supporting materials, strengthen the research of application technology, formulate relevant construction methods, and supply necessary construction machines and tools to improve construction efficiency and quality. From the perspective of the whole country, it is necessary to establish several professional construction equipment enterprises of building waterproof materials after the world public opinion is in uproar

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