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The application of Emerson Industrial control products in the transformation of stone processing equipment

Abstract: This paper further expands the popularity of the main brand. We want to introduce the application of Emerson EC20 series PLC and EV1000 series frequency converter in the transformation of the stone slab thickness setter produced in Italy in the mid-1990s

I. Introduction to the transformation equipment:

the thickness setting machine is an indispensable equipment in the process of stone processing. Its purpose is to use milling method to process the stone into the required thickness according to the process requirements. It is mainly composed of bed, belt pulley, fixed guide rail, movable beam, power head (milling cutter), electrical control system, etc. Milling methods can be subdivided into plane milling cutter and cylinder hob

the transformation equipment introduced in this paper is to use three cylindrical hobs to process the plate at one time through three processing levels: rough machining, semi finishing and finishing. The belt of the equipment is driven by pneumatic cylinder to realize the horizontal conveying of plates; Three power heads are installed on the beam to move forward and backward; Each power head is equipped with a hob to implement plate milling. The working principle is as follows:

first, adjust the vertical height of the three hobs according to the process requirements; Start the three power heads and open the beam and belt; Driven by the belt, the plate moves intermittently; After the belt moves in place once, the beam drives the hob to mill from back to front, and then quickly returns, and starts again and again until the plate processing is completed

II. Problems existing in the current equipment:

1. The cross beam of the equipment is driven by the hydraulic servo speed regulation system. The inspection and research of various samples by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. of Jinan experimental machine factory are not the same. The cross beam motor drives the hydraulic pump. Through the hydraulic servo system, the hydraulic motor realizes the stepless speed regulation of the cross beam. At present, hydraulic servo system is rarely used for speed regulation of mechanical equipment in China. After equipment failure, the same faulty components cannot be purchased in China. The control system PLC is an old-fashioned Siemens product, which is large in size, consumes much energy and is seriously aging, with frequent failures; Similarly, because this component cannot be purchased domestically, the maintenance cost is high and the maintenance cycle is long, which brings inconvenience to the production of enterprises

2. The processing method is monotonous and the production efficiency is low. The processing process is shown in the following figure:

it can be seen from the above figure that the automatic processing process of the equipment has only one working mode: "one-way feed and empty knife return", which leads to the limitations of processing plates and the efficiency cannot be improved

III. transformation scheme:

1. After research and repeated demonstration, we decided to use Emerson evt0022g frequency converter to replace the hydraulic servo system, and Emerson ecbra PLC to replace the original Siemens products. Because Emerson products have superior performance, reliable quality, moderate price and are easy to purchase, we are the preferred supporting products

2. On the basis of the original work flow of the equipment, two automatic processing methods are added, namely, rear feed and front and rear feed. In the single end feed mode, three tool withdrawal modes, namely, high-speed tool withdrawal, medium speed tool withdrawal and slow tool withdrawal, are added. The working process is shown in the following figure:

3. Hardware wiring diagram of the transformation system:

4. Effect after the transformation:

the beam after the transformation runs smoothly, the reversing has no impact, and the speed regulation is convenient. In the automatic processing mode, due to the addition of three processing modes: ⑴ front-end feeding, ⑵ rear-end feeding, and ⑶ front and rear feeding, the work efficiency is improved, especially the "front and rear feeding" function, which makes the work efficiency twice. This transformation has greatly reduced the failure shutdown rate and saved the maintenance cost

IV. conclusion:

through this transformation, our expected purpose has been achieved, that is, we have increased a variety of working methods of the equipment, greatly improved the efficiency of working out the construction scheme of the sharing platform of new material resources and starting the implementation, and because Emerson products have a variety of protection functions, the maintenance and repair are more convenient and simple. At present, many stone processing enterprises in China have introduced foreign advanced equipment in the 1990s (50kN, 100kN, 150kn, 200kn, 300KN at 5 points), and the maintenance and transformation of equipment has become an important task for enterprises. The success of the reform of the thickness setting machine is a typical case of the successful application of Emerson products in stone processing enterprises, and also lays a good foundation for the future application of Emerson products in the field of stone processing. (end)

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