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Insiders interpret the difficult management insider of the coating industry with experience

insiders interpret the difficult management insider of the coating industry with experience

January 11, 2011

[China coating information] the coating industry is a recognized Sunshine Enterprise in the chemical industry, and has a very good development trend in recent years. With the improvement of people's living standards and the strengthening of consumer brand consumption concept, more and more people invest in and operate paint stores. However, there is such a phenomenon: the performance of franchisees with the same brand and the same products in paint stores varies greatly due to different management capabilities. Combined with years of experience in terminal retail management, this paper summarizes the work content of paint shop management, hoping to discuss with peers and help paint shop operators

first, shopping guide skills

coating is very professional, which requires that the shopping guide personnel not only master the general shopping guide skills, but also have a comprehensive and professional understanding of the product itself, product characteristics, matching methods, maintenance, etc., but also better understand what specifications and styles of paint products should be purchased than the customers themselves. In addition, they should learn to grasp the psychology of customers and grasp the market trend, A very professional shopping guide can deeply win the trust of customers and establish a loyal consumer relationship. On the one hand, the improvement of shopping guide skills depends on the usual practice accumulation, on the other hand, we should take advantage of all opportunities to exchange and learn

second, service quality

some consumers feel dead when they go to some paint shops, while they feel relaxed and happy when they go to other paint shops, and they have a great desire to shop. The difference between these is often that Jinan experimental machine factory teaches you how to confirm that the experimental range of spring experimental machine has little to do with the hardware facilities of the store, which is mainly caused by the different atmosphere created by these "live" elements of shopping guides

if customers enter the store and see the shopping guide chatting or stunned, they will naturally have the idea of looking and leaving. The warm and friendly shopping guides can give people a feeling of closeness and stimulate people's desire to buy. Some customers didn't plan to buy, because they bought when they were in a good mood

many store managers also know the importance of service and have formulated strict service specifications, but the service that really touches people is absolutely sincere, natural and heartfelt, and there is no way to force it by system. Therefore, store managers should pay attention to the work and even life of shopping guides, grasp their emotions, eliminate concerns for her, and ensure that they can have a relaxed and happy mood and abundant energy to serve customers. At the same time, we should also know how to motivate shop assistants to stimulate their work enthusiasm from a deep level, so as to achieve higher goals

III. personnel training

human resources are the first resource of the enterprise. The franchised store operator should establish a complete set of recruitment, training and selection system, provide open and fair competition space and development opportunities, coupled with a competitive salary and welfare system, cultivate excellent talents, and accumulate capital for the development and growth of the paint store. It is worth noting that excellent paint shopping guides need long-term training, because it involves a lot of expertise. Therefore, in peacetime, franchised store operators should make appropriate personnel reserves, On the one hand, it can prevent personnel management work from being played by Nanzhuang all the time "The development of enterprises, on the other hand, can also avoid possible personnel mobility risks.

IV. goods display

a paint shop with disordered goods will only attack customers. What is the role of lubrication on Jinan Shijin concrete pressure testing machine? Lubrication plays an important role in concrete pressure testing machine. The enthusiasm and purchase desire of users are 10 points. The designer spent a lot on the style and color of the product in the initial design of paint products There is also a lot of emphasis on painstaking efforts, paint serialization and color complementarity. The style and characteristics of products will have different performance methods in display current detection due to the same internal structure, internal environment and geographical location of the store. Only correct display can reflect the personality characteristics of the brand. This requires the store to mainly combine the situation of its own store, communicate and learn with the manufacturer and relevant personnel on color matching, paint style Series of themes are operated in a professional way. At the same time, learn and accumulate more in the concept of paint display and matching methods, improve their appreciation ability and display Xiaoping, and make their own store characteristics

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