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On January 24, Zhejiang Plastic City market comments

the domestic plastic spot market did not continue the strong trend of last week, and the price remained stable; The ex factory prices of major petrochemical enterprises in China are flat and almost unchanged. The only change was the sharp rise in crude oil futures prices, with West Texas light crude oil (WTI) futures prices soaring $1.62 on the New York Mercantile Exchange in February

today, the trading volume of the trading market in Zhejiang Plastic City soared to 1875 tons, an increase of more than 20%, of which 480 tons were ABS; The order volume increased by 85 tons to 3810 tons, taking the sensor of S-type experimental machine as an example. The change of the settlement price of each warehouse receipt is shown in the following table:

warehouse receipt variety

today's settlement price (yuan/ton)

rise and fall (yuan/ton) compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day











104 the average coating should be 05








the trading market basically recovered the trend of the previous week, the order volume and trading volume increased, and the price continued to rise sharply

stimulated by the sharp rise in crude oil and the double benefits of the spot market, many parties began a new wave of attack. The disk showed a rising market with high opening and high going, and both volume and price. Although there were also fluctuations during the period, it has always maintained a large increase. It can be seen that the technical correction last week has been digested by new parties. At present, the rise in the market has been digested. Downstream enterprises have prepared certain goods and are approaching the end of the year. Many downstream industries have begun to shut down. Coupled with imported goods arriving in Hong Kong, we can see that bad and good news do not occupy an overwhelming advantage

compared with the previous trading day, the trading volume of the trading market on the ABS main warehouse receipt ab0503 was significantly enlarged, the order volume was basically flat, the price was rising all the way, and the advantages of various parties were obvious, which pulled up the price. Although MACD and RSI confirm the current trend, the change rate of trading volume deviates from the trend. The change rate of trading volume usually leads the price change, indicating that the current market may change. The order volume has increased continuously and remained basically stable, indicating that the price pattern may be in the end stage of the market, that is, the upward trend may change. Although the price is reported as a big positive line on the daily K-line chart, ab0503 is reported as a red line on the 30 minute K-line chart. 2) the adoption of a new high-precision instrument amplifier can also confirm that the long and short sides are beginning to enter a confrontation state, but the strength of each side is slightly stronger temporarily

The performance of ll0504, the main warehouse receipt of LLDPE, is the same as that of ab0503, which also shows that the current trend may change. (Jinyu)

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