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On January 26, Zhejiang Plastic City market comments

the domestic spot market price of plastics fluctuated slightly. Yuyao plastic city ll7042 fell 50 to 100 yuan/ton, ABS did not change, and individual PP varieties rose 50 to 150 yuan/ton; There is no change in the ex factory price of major domestic petrochemical enterprises; Crude oil futures rose sharply, and the futures price of West Texas light crude oil (WTI) hit $50 on the New York Mercantile Exchange in February

today, the trading volume of the trading market in Zhejiang Plastic City exceeded the 2000 ton mark for the first time, reaching 2510 tons, an increase of more than 50%, of which 435 tons of ABS were the same as yesterday; The order volume decreased by 130 tons to 3875 tons. The change of the settlement price of each warehouse receipt is shown in the following table:

the settlement price of the warehouse receipt variety today (yuan/ton) is higher or lower than the settlement price of the previous trading day (yuan/ton)

ab0503 13341 the proportion increases with the increase of filler addition 35

ab0504 13239 3

ll0501 10917 152


ll0504 10096 43

ll0505 998753

the market price of the previous trading market opened slightly, and then fell in a large number of ways.Buying makes the price rise continuously, However, under the pressure of the short side, the trend basically showed an oscillatory consolidation market

the trading volume of ABS main warehouse receipt ab0503 was basically the same as that of the previous trading day, and the order volume was nearly reduced. It also had a significant advantage in anti-aging performance by 10%. After the opening price bottomed down, it gradually rose, and the mid market price oscillated in a narrow range. Both long and short sides were deadlocked and showed a glued state. The settlement price rose slightly by 35 points, but the change rate of trading volume fell significantly, and the order volume also began to decline from the peak, indicating that the current upward trend is not driven enough, and may change or reverse. MACD and RSI deviate from the trend at the same time, and the K line of KD technical index crosses the D line from overbought area to the right, which indicates that the possibility of trend reversal is greater. On the 30 minute trend chart, ab0503 closed with a negative line, indicating that the air side gradually shifted from passive defense to active attack

ll0505, one of the main warehouse receipts of LLDPE, performed exactly the same as ab0503, but the price closed at a small positive line

today, we should pay attention to the ups and downs of the order volume. The order volume fell sharply after the opening, and gradually returned to yesterday's level by the end of the trading, indicating that the market is widely divergent, and traders are difficult to grasp the future trend, resulting in a large number of transfers. Another thing worthy of attention is that the trading volume has created a sky high volume, but the price has not increased as expected, indicating heavy market selling pressure and multi-party profit taking. It can also be seen that such a large trading volume market has not risen strongly, and the possibility of the power market rising after turning on the governor is questionable. (Golden Jade)

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