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Overview of Jinzhou Port XCMG lw600k

overview of Jinzhou Port XCMG lw600k-lng loader

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Guide: on the Binhai Avenue driving to Jinzhou port, rows of rotating fans and solar energy covered Nanshan have different colors after tempering, and the electric panels are impressive, closely linked to the theme of the city's green energy capital. With the further promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction in China's ports, Jinzhou Port plans to use natural gas loaders to gradually complete the

on the Binhai Avenue driving to Jinzhou port, rows of rotating fans and solar panels covered Nanshan are impressive, closely following the theme of the city's "city of green energy". With the further promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction in China's ports, Jinzhou Port plans to gradually complete the replacement of fuel type loaders with natural gas type loaders

in recent years, coal has been the main cargo of Jinzhou port, accounting for almost one third of the total annual throughput of the port, and loaders are the main force to complete these coal loading tasks. Jinzhou Chutian Logistics Co., Ltd. is a logistics company specializing in coal loading in Jinzhou port. In early 2012, in response to the call of Jinzhou port, the company began to select liquefied natural gas loaders in the market, and finally focused on XCMG lw600k-lng liquefied natural gas loaders through comparison. Xuyanshuang, team leader of Jinzhou Chutian Logistics Co., Ltd., said: "The loaders we use for loading are 5T type. In order to complete the work more efficiently, we try to choose large tonnage loaders. However, in response to the call of Jinzhou port for energy conservation and environmental protection, there is a contradiction between the two. Most LNG loaders on the market are 5T type. And the lw600k-lng LNG loaders newly developed by XCMG just meet our requirements."

in 2010, XCMG took the lead in launching LNG loaders in the industry - lw500k-lng loaders, which attracted great attention in the industry. Lw600k-lng loader is an upgraded and enhanced version of lw500k-lng loader, which not only inherits the excellent technology of lw500k-lng loader, but also perfectly integrates with the technology of XCMG large tonnage loader. Taking the 8-hour operation of each loader as an example, LNG type loaders can save 400-500 yuan per day compared with fuel type loaders, save fuel costs for users in the process of use, and significantly improve economic benefits

XCMG lng-lw600k loader adopts a special natural gas engine, which is electrically controlled, air-cooled and fully burned; More importantly, the emission of harmful gases after LNG combustion is less, and there is basically no solid residue. After intercooling technology, the emission of LNG powered loader can reach the national III standard. Compared with ordinary diesel powered loaders, the consumption cost of LNG fuel is 60% of that of diesel fuel. The heat dissipation system adopts an independent blowing heat dissipation structure, which saves energy and reduces noise. Low speed high-power engine, special torque converter, strong power. In addition, the radiator of the machine adopts a new plate fin structure, which has strong anti blocking ability, heat dissipation ability and anti-seismic ability, and can work normally in a high temperature environment of 50 ℃. At the same time, because the density of natural gas is far less than that of air, when natural gas leaks into the air from the transmission pipe or gas storage container, the natural gas will move upward and quickly diffuse into the air at that time. Because of this feature, natural gas is safer than most fuels such as gasoline

new energy loaders have always been the development trend of loaders. The successful launch of lng-lw600k natural gas loaders marks the gradual maturity of XCMG's natural gas loader technology, and has always been ahead of the domestic peer level, highlighting the spirit of XCMG who dares to be the first, who turns early, and who bravely strives for the first

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