Thoughts on three important aspects of commodity p

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Thoughts on three important aspects of commodity packaging

the purpose of packaging is to make commodities have a shell consistent with its content during transportation and sale; This requires that the packaging not only have good technical design to protect the complete quality of products, but also have good visual effects to ensure the smooth sale of goods. When goods are put into use, their packaging mission is over, and most packaging materials are often discarded at will. With the advent of the new century, various potential crises in human society have emerged in different forms, leading to increasingly intensified social contradictions. The development of packaging industry has not only created great economic benefits for the society, but also caused a certain degree of pollution to the living environment of human beings, which directly threatens the survival of human beings

first, environmental protection of packaging

in order to ensure that nature maintains its normal operation from man-made damage, in addition to using reusable packaging, we can also use pure natural materials to revolutionize and improve the packaging design, so that it can be integrated into the big cycle of the ecosystem. Therefore, this is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a fundamental problem of survival. Therefore, in terms of packaging, this concept of affinity with the environment needs to become the conscious mission of designers and the focus of their packaging design. Based on this assumption, using natural materials that are easy to dissolve is the initial choice of designers. Crude fiber plants can become convenient packaging immediately after processing. These naturally available materials are rich in reserves and have strong regeneration ability. Sometimes, they themselves are the best packaging. In the sense of economics, in the short term, green packaging is the packaging that minimizes the total external cost of the life cycle; In the long run, green packaging is the packaging that minimizes the total cost in the life cycle, that is, the packaging whose ultimate goal is to minimize the total cost inside and outside the product life cycle

from the perspective of purpose, it is conducive to protecting natural resources and minimizing the loss to the ecological environment; In terms of cost, it refers to the life cycle cost of packaging products, including both traditional internal costs and external costs, that is, environmental costs. Therefore, it has both economic and social benefits, which is the organic unity of the two; Therefore, it is a dynamic concept. With the progress of science and technology, the general trend of green packaging is to gradually minimize the total current cost of life cycle

II. Adaptability of packaging

1 Nationality of packaging. Packaging art should not only pursue the times, but also emphasize the nationality, because the times lie in the nationality. While pursuing the times, we should also fully reflect the artistic temperament of the country and nation. 10. The number of tests can be programmed and controlled. National form is subordinate to nationality. With the development of the times, art forms are constantly changing, but all changes are inseparable from their roots

2. Global circulation of packaging. With the development of global economic integration, the global circulation of various commodities has become a trend. As a packaging design to promote product sales, there is still a gap in adaptive design between domestic and foreign countries. Different nationalities and countries; Different cultural characteristics and social backgrounds will make users of products have different preferences and understanding, and then affect their consumer psychology. In order to meet these needs, the product packaging design should also change the design thinking in time. While adapting to domestic consumption, we should also consider adapting to the appreciation habits of foreign consumers, and design the packaging that can be used both at home and abroad

III. packaging technology Rococo style

with the penetration of Western value orientation, packaging brings consumers a sense of vision of "high (meeting the technical conditions of jb/t9397 ⑴ 999 tension compression fatigue testing machine)" first-class "and" fashion taste ", which makes the added value of packaging more prominent and extreme, and even deviates from the track of real life more and more, resulting in a large number of" flower "but not real packaging goods. Businesses also use media advertising to make their goods produce extraordinary effects among the consumer public, comparing expensive commodity packaging to "affordable identity symbols or symbols". The emergence of Rococo technology has become a variation of commodity packaging. Rococo originally refers to the aristocratic interest trend of showing off amorous feelings and charming softness in the architectural style of France from the 17th century to the 18th century, which appeared in the aristocracy and the upper bourgeoisie after classicism. The architectural art works of that period loved to use delicate colors, showing "a more feminine, more delicate and more trivial style... Poor shape, and tend to be cumbersome and piled"

this paper uses tech Rococo to describe the extravagance and waste of some commodities in today's packaging industry to the extent of variation, with the intention of revising the meaning of packaging plus value, encouraging the positive effects of packaging and avoiding the elimination of its negative effects. The Rococo style of technology on packaging also violates the principle of environmental protection, which virtually encourages the consumption of resources that can be saved, and should not be respected and advocated by the packaging industry and the whole society

technology Rococo packaging is essentially a bilateral game of chasing fame and wealth. As the pursuit of fame and wealth has triggered this "ostentatious consumption", packaging has been given too many labels and symbols, making packaging the spokesman of desire and ritual, which has been common in the West for a long time. Therefore, the external symbols of commodity packaging should echo and parallel with the internal quality of products, and consumers should not be harmed by luxury packaging and inferior products. In business competition, excellent packaging design can improve natus medical institutions' preference for materials with high mechanical properties: the added value of goods with high impact resistance, stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and have an obvious promotional effect. Its ultimate goal is to affect consumers' ideas and behaviors, establish commodity brands, and win the victory of marketing strategy. As a part of modern art design, it is the embodiment of modern design culture. Due to the limitations of its own characteristics and design level, China's product packaging design needs to be improved, and we should inherit the essence of traditional culture, integrate western contemporary advanced design concepts, environmental protection concepts and modern civilization, and constantly forge ahead, develop and innovate

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