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Material handling equipment market competition intensifies port machinery recovery

material handling equipment market competition intensifies port machinery recovery

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Guide: the Fifth China (Beijing) international heavy machinery and equipment exhibition just held in 2012 has roughly the same scale as in previous years, but it is found that unlike previous years, the material handling machinery and equipment manufacturers at this exhibition account for the vast majority, including Zoomlion, Dingli heavy industry Zhengzhou Dingsheng and other leading crane enterprises all participate

the scale of the 5th China (Beijing) international heavy machinery and equipment exhibition just held in 2012 is roughly the same as that in previous years, but it is found that the manufacturers of material handling machinery and equipment account for the vast majority in this exhibition, and leading crane enterprises such as Zoomlion, Dingli heavy industry and Zhengzhou Dingsheng all participated in the exhibition

the "eight major heavy machinery" enterprises such as China First Heavy Machinery Group Corporation and China Second Heavy Machinery Group Corporation have not appeared. As a leading enterprise in the heavy machinery industry, CITIC Heavy Industry's "rule of man" management enables the personnel in management positions to have more rights and benefits than other positions. The company also focuses on the material handling business in mining and other fields

the relevant personnel of the organizer said that they did not deliberately position the exhibitors in the material handling industry, but that the market of this industry is developing rapidly. Some new enterprises have just entered this field. With the intensification of competition, enterprises are eager to let the outside world know about enterprises and products through the exhibition and strive for more market share

market recovery and fierce competition

what is commensurate with the active material handling enterprises participating in the exhibition is the current strong demand at home and abroad. According to the recent statistics of 1753 material handling machinery manufacturing enterprises by China Heavy Machinery Association, the total industrial output value of the industry from January to February 2012 was 64.643 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.1%, the industrial sales output value was 63.279 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.16%, and the export delivery value was 6.889 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.45%. Among them, the total output of 325 crane manufacturers was 989700 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 7.22%, the output of 106 conveying machinery manufacturers was 263700 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 13.32%, the output of 34 internal combustion forklift manufacturers was 29900 units, with a year-on-year decrease of 0.54%, the output of 33 electric forklift manufacturers was 24200 units, with a year-on-year increase of 7.12%, and the output of 162 reducer manufacturers was 822100 units, with a year-on-year increase of 0.38%

it is also understood that the international material handling market is also developing well this year. Xiao Liqun, Secretary General of the heavy machinery association, said that the material handling market in Europe, America and Japan is a mature market, and the market demand has obvious characteristics of cyclical changes. The 2008 financial crisis had a serious impact on the European and American lifting and transportation machinery market, which has been in a downturn and has begun to ease this year

at present, the competition among China's material handling enterprises has begun to intensify. Foreign funded enterprises have entered, and leading enterprises such as Zoomlion and Sany Heavy Industry have made overseas layout. More and more domestic enterprises begin to realize the potential of the material handling market, and new enterprises continue to enter this field. At the exhibition, Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry group (Nantong) traditional Machinery Co., Ltd. was just established this year, which was separated from the material handling department of Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry group. Xuchangqing, the company's sales manager, told that the company is still under Zhenhua heavy industry group, and its customers are mainly Zhenhua heavy industry group at present. However, with the increase of market demand and the intensification of competition among enterprises, the company had to break into the market independently

Xu Changqing said, "the company has just been established, and we hope that more people will know us and our products."

it is easy to damage the corresponding control boards and plugs. Hong'an Port Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Weihua group, is also a new enterprise that has entered the industry for five years. Relevant personnel of the company told, "Now more and more private enterprises have begun to enter the material handling industry. At present, our annual output value has reached 200million yuan, and we have a number of independent technologies. Our products and services are not inferior to many established enterprises. At present, the domestic and foreign market conditions are good, and the enterprise prospects are also very good."

port machinery recovery

the exhibition also found that there are not a few material handling enterprises involved in river bank and port transportation. Although the industry has been in a downturn due to the financial crisis, and the domestic market demand for port machinery products fell by 30% in the first quarter of this year, most of the participating port machinery manufacturers said that the orders increased in the second half of this year

a staff member of Huadong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. said to Xiang that based on the current market, Huadong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to expand production capacity. The raised funds after listing have invested in two projects, 105 rail cranes and 24 shore bridges, which are expected to be completed and reach production in one and a half years. At present, the company's orders are relatively full

the person also said that with the future growth trend of China's trade, the state has also given strong support to the construction and transformation of coastal ports, and it is expected that the new construction and expansion projects of China's coastal ports will increase significantly in the future. According to the statistics of the Research Report on container handling equipment industry, the planned container throughput of coastal ports above Designated Size in 2020 increased by 190% - 340% year-on-year compared with the actual throughput in 2010, and the planned container throughput of major inland ports in 2020 increased by 150% - 1000% year-on-year compared with the actual throughput in 2010. The large-scale reconstruction and construction of container ports will provide sufficient guarantee for the development of container handling equipment in the next 10 years

liujinchuan, deputy chief engineer of the Academy of water transport Sciences of the Ministry of communications, also believes that water transport is still a potential market. He analyzed that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, a number of national key projects in China's equipment manufacturing, energy, petrochemical, metallurgy and other industries have been launched one after another, especially the deepening of regional development strategies such as the western development and the revitalization of northeast industrial bases, which require large-scale transportation to undertake the transportation support of key equipment. Such as nuclear power units, wind power generation equipment, transformers, large boilers, oil storage tanks, etc. These devices have the characteristics of "high value, overweight and extra long". It is difficult to invest in development and construction and long-distance railway transportation through roads, so waterway transportation is needed. In addition, the Ministry of transport and the Ministry of Railways also put forward relevant support policies. The guiding opinions on accelerating the development of railway water intermodal transport mentioned that the average annual growth of container railway water intermodal transport volume in 2015 was more than 20%, and the proportion of railway collection and distribution of bulk cargo such as port coal, ore, grain, fertilizer and so on increased by 10 percentage points compared with 2010

according to the existing port machinery supporting conditions of the port and meeting the requirements of the port power and steel development planning, in the next five years, China needs to add 350 quayside container cranes, more than 800 container gantry cranes, and more than 250 large bulk cargo handling machines of more than 1000 tons. The demand for large-scale port machinery and equipment has reached more than 50billion yuan

in addition, from Sany's expectation of the port machinery market this year, it is not difficult to see that there are many riders in the port business, and even I am eager to go home and design similar small machinery to weigh whether the engine oil I use is functional enough to recover. Tang Xiuguo, President of Sany group, said recently that the most important platform to undertake the inland economy and ocean is the wharf. Sany has taken port machinery as a new growth point of the group. The sales volume of Sany port machinery increased significantly this year, with an increase of 56% over the same period last year. In particular, the sales volume of stacker machinery increased by 140% over the same period last year. The domestic market share of port machinery has exceeded 50%. It is estimated that the sales volume of port machinery this year will exceed 700million yuan

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