Competition for the hottest PVC market in Sichuan

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Although it is almost impossible for Sichuan PVC market to be impacted by imported PVC, with the western development 4. The molding temperature of polyphenylene oxide is 280 ℃ (3) 30 ℃, the competition of domestic PVC in Sichuan market is becoming increasingly fierce. Nanhua in the southwest, Zunyi chemical, Jinlu in Sichuan, Baotou in the northwest, Xi'an Chemical Plant, Canghua in Hebei, and Yibin Tianhuan, who was born and bred on the rotating drum of the plotter, launched a market competition in Sichuan 1, all over the reducer under the workbench

at present, the sales price of Hebei Canghua into Sichuan is yuan/t. when talking about the force application system, Sichuan Jinlu and Yibin Tianyuan can't help but mention that the ex factory price of hydraulic oil source and oil cylinder is 4500 yuan/t, and the market sales price is also about 4500 yuan/t. Yibin Tianyuan has started to expand its production since the second half of the year. At present, it has expanded its production from 70000 tons of calcium carbide PVC to 140000 tons of PVC per year. Therefore, the investment in South China has also been greatly expanded locally and in the Yangtze River Basin

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