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Competition in China's paper market will intensify

domestic and foreign paper enterprises have expanded their production scale to seize the Chinese paper market. Industry insiders believe that the competition in China's paper industry market will become increasingly fierce. Domestic paper enterprises must pay close attention to the raw material market and strengthen the deep processing of products. Plastic is an important material for the preparation of drug packaging containers in order to make a difference

according to statistics, the total consumption of paper and paperboard in China is about 35million tons, ranking second in the world. However, since 1996, the total consumption of paper in China has been higher than the total production. In terms of annual per capita paper consumption, China's per capita 26 kg level is only half of the world level, which is far from 200-300 kg in developed countries. In 2001, China's import of paper products reached US $6.64 billion, becoming one of the three major foreign exchange products in the country

the huge potential of China's paper market has attracted the attention of many foreign paper giants. They have joint ventures or direct investment with some Chinese enterprises to develop the paper industry. In the past 10 years, foreign capital has built a number of large paper mills using wood pulp in China, such as Jiangsu Zhenjiang Jindong paper mill, Changshu Asia Pacific paper mill (now sold to UPM) and Suzhou jinhuasheng paper mill. In September, 2002, the Asia Pulp and paper company of Jinguang group, one of the top four paper manufacturers in the world, invested in the construction of Yangpu Jinhai Pulp and paper factory in Shanghai. This paper company, which has a production capacity of 5.8 million tons of paper making and 2.5 million tons of pulp, will also build 3.5 million mu of pulp and paper forest and a production base with an annual output of 600000 tons of pulp and paper in Hainan Province

at the same time, Japan relief information Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongtian Paper Group Co., Ltd. signed a joint venture to establish Beijing relief information Paper Co., Ltd. with a total investment of US $6million. In October, Donghai pulp company of Japan, Mitsubishi Corporation and Zhenglong company, a large paper-making enterprise in Taiwan, China, established a joint venture "zhonglong society" in Pudong industrial park, Shanghai, with a total investment of about US $150million. It will be put into operation in 2004, with an annual production capacity of 300000 tons

in January this year, Japan Prince Paper Co., Ltd., which has entered the Chinese market for seven years, plans to continue to increase its investment in Asia, mainly in China, so that its paper production capacity in China will reach 1million tons in five years and 3million tons in ten years. Recently, Visy, Australia's leading paper company, decided to invest heavily in China in the near future

China's paper-making enterprises also take pulp and paper enterprises as the core, take the construction of paper-making forest base as the starting point, combine pulp and paper with the construction of forest management, speed up the integration of forest and paper, so as to expand the production scale, meet the market needs, and cope with foreign competition

not long ago, Guangxi Gaofeng Forest Pulp and paper industry group, with a registered capital of 888 million yuan, was officially established. The group has 190000 hectares of forest land and 5.7 million cubic meters of living trees. The project of cultivating fast-growing and high-yield raw material forests for paper industry and accelerating the preparation for the construction of Qinzhou Linhai Industrial Park with 1million tons (600000 tons in the first phase) of wood pulp was included in the development plan. It is obvious that innovation is the permanent driving force for sustainable development

Shandong Province plans to implement the forestry paper integration project, with a planned investment of 10billion yuan, to implement the forestry paper integration project in the Yellow River Delta, and to build 5million mu of papermaking raw material forest. In addition, Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian and other provinces also actively promote the integration of Forest Pulp and paper, take various measures to develop the paper industry, and actively seize a place in the paper market

domestic and foreign paper giants rush into China's paper industry and actively promote the integration of Forest Pulp and paper, which will greatly alleviate the pressure on China's paper industry to import and change the current situation that paper raw materials mainly rely on information mechanics. However, this large-scale investment will intensify the competition in China's paper industry

insiders believe that although the current domestic paper market competition is not very fierce, in the long run, China's paper industry will be severely challenged and impacted. The large projects under construction are about to be put into operation, which will greatly increase the production capacity of China's paper industry; With China's further integration into the world trade organization, some non-tariff protection policies have been gradually weakened, making it easier for foreign paper industries to enter the Chinese market, resulting in increasingly fierce market competition

Pei Andou, deputy director of Guangxi Forestry Bureau, said that in order to cope with the fierce market competition, we must focus on the long term and lay a good foundation. At present, we should practically strengthen the applicable industries of wood tensile and compressive strength testing machines: base construction, and strengthen the deep processing of products

strengthen the base construction. Hechunmao, a senior engineer of the Guangxi Academy of forestry, believes that large quantities of raw materials are necessary to achieve large-scale production. At present, we should circle the land, plant trees and strengthen the construction of the base

strengthen the deep processing of products. With the increase of the output of the paper industry, the market of ordinary paper will be gradually satisfied, and the competition will be more intense. Relevant enterprises must strengthen the deep processing of products and produce new and high varieties, which will not only have a broad market, but also obtain high profits

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