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A large number of projects are about to start: "building" eight vertical and eight horizontal "high-speed railway

a large number of projects are about to start:" building "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed railway

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Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council on June 29, deployed to promote the revitalization and development of Sichuan Shaanxi old revolutionary base areas, and promote the old areas to accelerate their prosperity and move towards a well-off society in an all-round way; In principle, the medium and long term railway plan is adopted to support the upgrading and development of economy and society with the construction of transportation arteries

the meeting pointed out that we should support the Sichuan Shaanxi revolutionary base areas to accelerate the revitalization and development, speed up the construction of a number of key water conservancy projects, strengthen energy security such as electricity and gas, improve infrastructure such as transportation networks, and strive to achieve basic broadband access to administrative villages in the old areas by 2020. We will raise the standards of pensions and subsidies for ex servicemen of the Red Army in rural areas, ex servicemen of the West Road army in rural areas, separated Red Army personnel and ex servicemen in rural areas. Gradually increase the scale of transfer payment funds from the central government, and study and improve the proportion of local retained income from the development of mineral and oil and gas resources in old-fashioned areas

in principle, the meeting passed the "medium and long term railway plan", which requires following the law of railway development, taking into account economic and social benefits, expanding the railway infrastructure network, building a comprehensive transportation system organically connected with roads, waterways, aviation, etc., increasing effective supply, improving transportation service guarantee, and showing advanced surface effect ability. First, build a high-speed railway with the "eight vertical" channels such as the coast, Beijing and Shanghai, and the "eight horizontal" channels such as the land bridge and the riverside as the backbone and the intercity railway as the supplement, so as to achieve a 1-to-20% weight reduction between adjacent large and medium-sized cities (3) a 0-to-4-hour traffic circle and a 0.5-to-2-hour traffic circle within the urban agglomeration. Second, improve the ordinary speed railway, expand the coverage of roads in the central and western regions, optimize the layout of the eastern network, form an inter regional fast and high-capacity channel, and speed up the construction of poverty alleviation and land development railway. Open up the bottleneck and bottleneck sections of ordinary speed trunk roads, and realize the basic coverage of railway transportation in administrative regions above the county level. Promote interconnection with surrounding areas. Third, in accordance with the "zero distance" transfer requirements, the same station plans to build a comprehensive transportation system centered on the railway passenger station and connected with other transportation modes, expand the cargo distribution service network such as the container central station and terminal distribution, and form a modern transportation hub with convenient supporting facilities and the integration of stations and cities. Fourth, cultivate and expand new business forms of high-speed rail economy, promote regional exchanges and cooperation along the line and optimize the allocation of resources, accelerate industrial gradient transfer, and drive the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and the whole economy. Fifth, deepen the reform of investment, financing and price, increase the proportion of central funds in railway construction in the central and western regions, cultivate diversified investment entities, relax market access, encourage and support local governments and widely attract social capital, including private investment and foreign capital, to participate in railway investment and construction

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