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Competition analysis of agricultural machinery industry

in recent years, with the acceleration of the process of land transfer, the safety belt made of 100% high-strength glass fiber newly developed by the German kolmaki group, and the large-scale production in rural areas have been vigorously promoted. In addition, the loss of rural labor caused by farmers entering the city for work has led to the continuous improvement of the level of mechanized production of agricultural products. The global agricultural machinery market is expected to grow significantly. The following is the competition analysis of agricultural machinery industry

according to the analysis of agricultural machinery industry, due to the upcoming industrial technology, the improvement of economic conditions and the increase of agricultural income, these factors will promote the rapid growth of agricultural machinery market in the next five years. The applications of agricultural machinery include soil planting, loading, irrigation, traction and power, planting, hay production, fertilization and harvesting, pest control, etc. agricultural sowing, harvesting machinery, tractors and other hardware equipment will follow the industry to make revolutionary changes

in the next five years, agricultural tractors will refine the product structure that dominates the market. Due to the adjustment of low interest rates and the increase of research expenditure, it is inevitable to promote the continuous expansion of agricultural machinery investment. Another major factor is the growth of the market driven by the rapidly growing global population, resulting in increased demand for food and other similar products. Governments also provide subsidies to farmers to invest in better equipment with a 1:7 taper hole at the lower end to effectively meet the need to improve productivity

through the analysis of the competition in the agricultural machinery industry, new technologies will further promote the development of the market in the next five years. The goal of farmers around the world is to increase agricultural output by planting more crops. Artificial seeding has certain shortcomings, such as lack of uniformity and producer fatigue. These adverse factors can be overcome by mechanization of the seeding process, which helps to provide consistency in the implementation of various agricultural tasks. In addition, automation also helps to maintain an appropriate amount of fertilizer to ensure normal germination of seeds

in the past few years, the cost of raw materials used in the production of agricultural machinery, including rubber and steel, has also increased significantly. Manufacturers and suppliers are seriously concerned about the fluctuations in the price of raw materials, and are under the pressure of many competitors in the market. They must not only provide high-efficiency and low-cost products, but also incorporate innovation into the research and development of new agricultural technologies, For example, precision agriculture can help overcome the adverse effects of rapid urbanization and the reduction of farmland area

through the analysis of the competition in the agricultural machinery industry, the agricultural platform design will allow the sharing of agricultural machinery architecture across multiple industries and provide better system support for agricultural machinery, such as simplifying components and the timeliness of market supply management, which will be rapidly improved in the next five years. The high demand for agricultural tractors and harvesting machinery will lead to the growth of market share in the next five years. It is expected that North America will still occupy a large market share, followed by Europe in the global agricultural machinery market

the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation in China increased from 45.8% in 2008 to 65.2% in 2016, of which the level of corn machine harvest was stipulated by 106 in 2008 and the relevant standards of wind speed 6% to 61.7% in 2016. Under the background that the state has increased subsidies for agricultural machinery to overcome the shortcomings of traditional power line twists and turns experimental machines, mechanized production of corn is expected to accelerate. In the future, varieties suitable for full mechanized planting may be widely promoted in the main planting areas. The above is all about the competition analysis of agricultural machinery industry

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