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Small offset printing equipment manufacturers compete with 2004 international paper printing exhibition

the domestic small offset printing market has always been one of the most competitive areas in the printing machine industry. Now, the impact of this fierce competition has also affected the 2004 China International Paper printing exhibition, which opened in Guangzhou on November 9. The gap between independent technology and foreign advanced level in 2014 will obviously show a relatively shortage

at this exhibition, several major domestic small offset printing equipment manufacturers, such as Weifang Huaguang, Yingkou Guanhua, Beijing Duoyuan digital, Weihai printing machine, Weifang China Eastern Airlines, Yantai Wuzhou, etc., all participated in the exhibition. From the perspective of exhibition scale, the exhibition area of several enterprises exceeds 100 square meters; From the perspective of exhibition equipment, all enterprises bring the latest products launched in recent years

from these small offset printing enterprises to attack this exhibition, on the one hand, it reflects the increasing attention of these small offset printing equipment manufacturers to the South China market, on the other hand, it also reflects the mentality of enterprises unwilling to fall behind

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