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Memory compatibility question

ask: is SDRAM dimm5, experimental force measurement accuracy: 1% of the module is equipped with 10sdram chip, which is compatible with PC100

answer: No, SDRAM DIMM module with 10sdram (100MHz) chip only supports 66MHz system. The modified module cannot guarantee compatibility with PC100 (100MHz) system. In order to ensure the compatibility of the module with PC100, micro series chips marked with -8a, -8b, -8c, -8d, -8 can also be used with 1-color wire E. Micro module equipped with -8a to -8c SDRAM chip can set CAS waiting to 3 and operate at 100MHz frequency. Micro module equipped with -8d or -8e SDRAM chip can set CAS waiting to 2 and operate at 100MHz frequency. Please refer to the manufacturer's data manual to determine the correct CAS waiting

ask: can SDRAM measured by PC133 be compatible with PC100 in turn

this can be said to be microcomputer operation. Answer: Yes. After testing, the AC timing index of PC133 allows the system bus to work at 133MHz frequency. The timing technical indicators of PC100 and pc66 are not strict with the above timing requirements. Most PC133 chips can be used as PC100 and pc66. In fact, the CAS waiting of -75 can be set to 2 for PC100 timing. Please refer to the manufacturer's data manual for the TCK value when cl=2

ask: no impact. What happens if the memory is incompatible with pc-100

answer: your 100MHz system will fail because the memory performance cannot meet the system requirements. The system will operate at the nominal speed of the component with the lowest speed among the components. For example, if 66MHz memory is installed in pc-100 system, the system will run at 66MHz speed instead of its design speed

ask: is the PC133 module downward compatible, that is, is it compatible with the old PC system

answer: most SDRAM are backward compatible and can operate under the bus speed lower than the rated speed. For example, PC133 srdam DIMM can run on 133MHz, 100MHz and 66MHz motherboards. Some old motherboards can only be equipped with 66MHz SDRAM, and PC100 and PC133 SDRAM are incompatible with them

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