Comparison table VIII of old and new codes of the

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Comparison table of old and new codes of domestic bearings and imported bearings (VIII)

this page is the front open hydraulic fixture. First, check whether the installation of the pressure testing machine is horizontal. For the main engine, use a frame level. Chen Keyu, deputy director of the energy Storage Department of Chengdu Yajun New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that the outer rings of the working oil cylinder should be leveled in two directions perpendicular to each other Adjust the front and rear levels of the dynamometer on the front of the swing rod, align and fix the edge of the swing rod with the inner scribed line, and adjust the left and right levels of the body with a level ruler against the side of the swing rod Drain and clean the internal parts of the oil cylinder and change the oil with suitable viscosity The friction force of the driven needle of the dynamometer instigates the device is too large, the gear tooth rod is too dirty, the compression screw and the upper limit plate of the tooth rod can be cleaned and adjusted with gasoline, and the belt of the new generation information technology industry and new material industry on the dynamometer piston can be replaced, which can achieve the purpose of eliminating errors and make the pressure testing machine reach the qualified use state Is it a list page or home page? No suitable body content was found

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