Equiinet invites you to plant a dream together

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On arbor day, equiinet asks you to plant dreams together

dreams are like trees,

the four seasons flow,

sprout in the spring breeze,

cut warm time

stretch out in the summer rain,

cut the shade to cool off

put color in golden autumn,

and be elastic and suitable for

color and fragrance

stand proudly in the cold winter,

nurture hope

plunge into the high slope Canyon,

insert by the stone fissure water,

stand on the roadside ditch bank,

join the garden square

keep on growing. 2. The main technical parameters of Jinan assaying steel pipe scaffold special experimental machine are


don't applaud much,

just want to flourish. Therefore,

is not fruitful, but only to realize the dream. Now, the technicians of Shandong Sida high tech mainly talk about why the fatigue testing machine has inaccurate yield strength:

spring breeze lifts the haze, and people and trees imagine together

the thin rain is wet in the eyes,

the green mood is rippling in the field,

plant a tree with heart,

let the dream fly in the blue

colorful equiinet,

set sail again today

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