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Autumn is a good decoration season, so it forms the current golden nine and silver ten. So how to win in autumn decoration? Learn the following five ways to make them magic weapons for your autumn decoration

wood pretreatment

the climate in autumn is dry. After the wood is transported to the decoration site, it should not be placed in the vent, and the oil sealing treatment should be done on the surface as soon as possible. At this time, the wood is easy to dry when placed in the vent, and the moisture in the wood will be lost, resulting in the drying and cracking of the wood surface

in the autumn decoration process, high-end decorative panels such as beech should also be sealed with oil to “ Lock ” The moisture contained in it; The same is true for the wood line used for trimming, and special attention should be paid to it. Because the wood line is made of solid wood and its moisture content is higher than that of the decorative panel, if the moisture in the wood line is lost, the wood line will shrink and deform, which will seriously affect the appearance of the decorative panel. In addition, in the maintenance of furniture, we should also pay attention to avoiding direct sunlight, maintaining moisture, often waxing, and preventing hard objects from scratching

let the wallpaper drink water

the wallpaper and wallpaper should prevent water loss. Now the wall decoration of families mostly uses paint or wallpaper, wallpaper, which is increasingly widely used. In summer, because the air is humid, wallpaper and wall cloth are not very troublesome in paving: after normal construction, open doors and windows to let the wall dry quickly

compared with summer, more attention should be paid to pasting wallpaper and wallpaper in autumn. First of all, due to the dry climate in autumn, it must be soaked in water before paving, and then painted with glue; After paving, you can't open the doors and windows as in summer to let the wall dry quickly. Doing so is very easy for the newly paved wallpaper to be dried by the draught, resulting in water loss and deformation. Therefore, in autumn, the wall with wallpaper and wallpaper should be naturally dried in the shade

moisturize your home

due to seasonal changes and different air humidity, the air will become relatively dry in the transitional season between autumn and winter. At this time, it is easy to shrink the wooden floor, increase the gap between the plates, and the gap between the wall and the door frame due to different shrinkage rates. The moisturizing of the room can not only effectively alleviate the decoration problems caused by drying, but also be of great benefit to human health

to keep the home environment moist, the general method is to put a basin of water in the house. If you want to be more beautiful, the designer suggests putting some green plants in the room, such as Chlorophytum comosum, tiger tail orchid, aloe vera, ivy, Agave, which can release oxygen, absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and also play a certain role in regulating the indoor dry and wet environment. In addition, the use of small household appliances such as humidifiers can also well adjust the indoor moisture content, so that the air is moist and the feeling of living is more comfortable. If a little perfume or air freshener is added to the humidifier, the home will be filled with a warm and refreshing fragrance

reducing decoration pollution sources

emphasizing environmental protection in home is a popular trend in recent years. And decoration pollution is the last home decoration that consumers want to see “ Sequelae ” one of. In order to avoid trouble in the future, you should try to use natural materials or decorative materials that have been proved to be harmless to human body in the decoration, especially the formaldehyde content in the laminate floor, the radioactivity of stone and the xylene content of paint. If economic conditions permit, natural and elegant solid wood furniture can be the first choice, and furniture decorated with natural resin is also a better choice

summary: autumn decoration is neither cold nor hot. It's a good practical one. As you prepare for decoration, are the above five methods useful to you





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