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Environmental protection process for steel barrel production due to the limitations of equipment and technology, there are still a large number of processes that are not conducive to environmental protection in the production process of most barrel factories in China. Some are not known by people; Some are also promoted as advanced technologies; Others have set up corresponding environmental protection facilities, but have been out of use for a long time. This situation is gradually improving with the improvement of national environmental protection awareness and technological progress

1. Development of barrel body welding edge treatment process

barrel body welding edge treatment is to pretreat the lap joint of barrel body plate before seam welding. Its main purpose is to eliminate oxides, oil stains, etc. on the lap to facilitate seam welding. At present, the main process method in China is edge grinding, that is, 4~8 groups of grinding machines are used to grind the welded edges. The barrel industry is called edge grinding process

anyone who sees the edge grinding production will be shocked because the working environment here is too bad. There are deafening noise, flying dust and toxic gas noise surrounded by smoke from the friction between the grinding wheel and the steel plate; Dust is the particle of grinding wheel and steel plate; Part of the flue gas is the product of the binder in the grinding wheel at high temperature, and part of the flue gas is the result of the vaporization of the oil dirt on the surface of the steel plate at high temperature. In such a working environment, the environmental protection department often requires rectification as soon as possible

a variety of new welding edge treatment processes have emerged in China, proving that people still recognize the impact of edge grinding on the environment. These processes include edge milling process, cleaning process, flexible grinding wheel edge grinding process, automatic high-frequency welding process, etc. Both the milling process and the cleaning process eliminate noise and dust, but the cleaning process is not recommended because it uses hydrochloric acid to corrode the oxides and oil stains on the welding edge, often accompanied by toxic and harmful gases, and there is also cleaning waste liquid, which is unfavorable to environmental protection. Only the full-automatic high-frequency welding process can be welded without strict treatment due to the progressiveness characteristics of the welding machine. The treatment process is removed, which reduces the labor intensity, reduces the production cost and improves the environmental pollution

2. Development of steel barrel coating production technology

steel barrel coating production is the most harmful link to the environment in the process of steel barrel production. A large amount of waste gas, waste water and waste residue from steel barrel coating production mainly come from the three wastes produced by chemical treatment methods such as oil removal, rust removal, phosphating and passivation before coating; Three wastes produced by the flying of organic solvents and paint mist during the coating process and the volatilization of solvents during the coating drying process

if the three wastes in the coating process are not effectively and comprehensively treated, the environmental pollution and operators' harm will be serious, and the net profit will climb by 17% to 14.3. Relying on the perfect internal communication network and the accurate color matching system, which is not allowed by the national environmental protection law, various effective measures will be taken to comply with the provisions of the national environmental protection law for comprehensive treatment, To minimize or eliminate the environmental pollution and harm to human health caused by the three coating wastes. However, in the past, the treatment of "three wastes" in China was remedial, which made the environmental protection work fall into a vicious circle of "pollution first, pollution then treatment". Therefore, adopting non polluting or low polluting production technology is the real way out

the environmental protection coating technology at home and abroad has developed rapidly. Now, a new production pattern of mechanized and automatic assembly lines with advanced coating technology characteristics, such as high-pressure airless spraying, electrophoretic spraying, electrostatic spraying and powder coating, has been widely adopted. In these modern advanced coating methods, the latest coating technologies of automatic coating and robot operation controlled by microcomputer program and closed-circuit television are introduced. The new coating and diluent with high protection, high decoration, low toxicity and low pollution are matched with the dip coating, spray coating, roll coating, light curing and radiation curing coating methods of semi mechanized, mechanized and automated assembly line production, forming a new coating system with high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, energy saving, reducing environmental pollution and improving working conditions in modern coating production

with the extensive use of environmental protection facilities, the pollution caused by ordinary spraying methods is decreasing day by day. The new coating process is rapidly expanding its application and constantly improving and developing. The coating environmental protection equipment is continuously developed and put into production, while the automobile interior parts are mainly composed of non-metallic materials. At present, China's steel barrel coating technology is trying to catch up with and surpass the world's advanced level, people's awareness of environmental protection is constantly strengthening, and the prospect of environmental protection is bright

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