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Recently, it was learned from authorities that in order to implement the spirit of the No. 1 central document and the central water conservancy work conference, the Ministry of water resources is taking the lead in preparing the 12th Five Year Plan for national water saving irrigation. At present, the draft has been completed and the preparation method of recycled modified materials for waste cross-linked PE cable materials is being solicited for opinions from all departments. After that, it will be reported to the State Council and is expected to be issued within the year

according to the plan, in the next five years, the country will strive to promote the increase of 100million mu of efficient water-saving irrigation area. At the same time, the central government will provide all-round subsidies for water-saving irrigation investment and users from the aspects of early investment and construction and later operation and maintenance

according to the analysis of the industry, under the background of the current water shortage spreading and the policies vigorously promoting the great development of water conservancy in order to meet the domestic demand for rubber melt gear pump, the water-saving irrigation industry, as the leading force in the future water conservancy construction, is expected to take the lead in benefiting from the ten-year golden period of water conservancy

policy support

relevant statistics from the Ministry of water resources show that at present, the utilization coefficient of agricultural irrigation water in China is only 0.47, nearly half lower than the utilization coefficient of 0.8 in developed countries. By the end of 2007, the area of water-saving irrigation projects in China had reached 352million mu, accounting for 40.7% of the effective irrigation area of farmland in China, and more than 80% in Europe and the United States. In view of this situation, the plan proposes that by 2015, 100million mu of high-efficiency and water-saving irrigation area will be promoted nationwide, which is much higher than the 40million Mu proposed in the No. 1 central document of the central government this year

at the same time, the above authorities said that in order to effectively promote the comprehensive implementation of water-saving irrigation throughout the country, the state will allocate 5billion yuan from the construction funds of the national key small-scale farmland and water conservancy counties every year to develop sprinkler irrigation, micro irrigation and other high-efficiency water-saving irrigation projects. In addition, the central government will increase subsidies for the operation and maintenance of water-saving irrigation projects. For example, farmers who purchase water-saving irrigation equipment and materials can enjoy a 30% subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery and tools, and they can also enjoy a certain discount interest loan from the central government for the promotion of water-saving irrigation

in the promotion of water-saving irrigation technology, the policy proposes to focus on sprinkler irrigation and micro irrigation technology. Some estimates show that every 0.7 percentage point increase in the utilization coefficient of agricultural irrigation water can save 90billion to 95billion cubic meters of water a year. The analysis points out that for the provinces with annual water shortage of tens of billions of cubic meters in the west, water-saving irrigation will not only improve the efficiency of farmland irrigation, but also help alleviate the spreading water shortage

equipment manufacturers may benefit first.

it is understood that at present, the proportion of sprinkler irrigation and micro irrigation area in the effective irrigation area in China is only 6.70%, which is far from the proportion of 80% in water-saving agricultural developed countries. A market forecast shows that if the proportion of sprinkler irrigation and micro irrigation area in the effective irrigation area in China is increased from 6.70% to 20%, the sprinkler irrigation and micro irrigation area will increase by more than 100million mu. If the initial investment per mu is calculated at 700 yuan, the initial investment in micro irrigation water-saving transformation will reach 70billion yuan, and the investment in replacing micro irrigation belts will be about 23billion yuan every year

according to the above sources, in the next five years, the primary task of promoting efficient water-saving irrigation is to carry out water-saving transformation of sprinkler irrigation and micro irrigation in the national large-scale water-saving irrigation demonstration areas, which are mainly concentrated in western provinces such as Gansu, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia. Therefore, the analysis points out that the breakthrough of water-saving irrigation market in the future will be the micro irrigation market of 70billion yuan, and the relevant listed companies whose market layout is mainly in the above-mentioned western provinces will benefit intensively

it is worth noting that from the practice of domestic enterprises engaged in water-saving materials and equipment and engineering construction, in the past few years, the main growth of water-saving irrigation market has focused on materials and equipment. Energy consumption per unit of industrial added value in industries such as petrochemical, electric power and building materials continued to fall. According to the prospectus released last year by Dayu water saving (300021), the leader of the water industry, the company's revenue from water-saving materials and equipment increased by 110.76% and 52.83% month on month from 2006 to 2008, while the growth rate of water-saving engineering design, construction and services was only 14.16%

in this regard, relevant securities companies also analyzed that at present, domestic water-saving projects are mainly promoted by government bidding, with more than 30 bidding enterprises each time. The market competition is fierce, and the bid winning results have regional characteristics. Therefore, the engineering market potential is limited. However, there are not many domestic companies engaged in the research and development of sprinkler irrigation and micro irrigation technology. In the future, it is easy to rely on its technical strength to quickly occupy the material and equipment market, so as to maintain a high level of comprehensive gross profit margin. Therefore, the market potential of technical equipment is relatively more optimistic

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