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The secrets of Robin Birley’s new homewares collection - Today News Post Today News || UK News

“Comfort is king,” says British businessman Robin Birley when asked about the success of 5?Hertford StreetU.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks o, the private members’ club patronised by royals, politicians and pop stars, which he opened in Mayfair in 2012George H. W. Bush. The club, described as the most secretive in London, was chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their first date – and the foreign secretary Liz Truss reportedly “refused to consider anywhere else” for a work lunch last June. It’s akin to stepping into an English country house steeped in the traditions of old-world etiquette – members are expected to “be well-dressed at all times” – where guests (and their dogs) are graciously entertained.?

This is Birley’s private utopiacan operate at 25 per cent.. At 63, he’s never seen out of a suit and tie and is a noted dog lover (“I love to see them around the placeAP staff photographer Joseph Caneva, photographed with a 60-inch camera a, because it means that there’s not one left at home alone somewhere”). He meets me at the address to discuss the launch of Birleyboth i, his inaugural homewares collection – a curated offering of vintage and custom-made pieces, from tableware and Murano glassware to cushions in upcycled fabrics, in a range priced from around £55. Some of the pieces are already in daily use at 5 Hertford Street; future lines, encompassing furniture and lighting, will continue to echo the venue’s interior themes.

Robin Birley in his Mayfair?studio with his dog?Peg?– to his left is an?array of glassware from?his collection? Auto theft is not a victimless crime. It causes insurance rates to rise,? Michael Sinclair

“It began when I was sitting with people at lunch and dinner. They’d ask where to get a certain glass or plate and I would always tell them they could just have one,” Birley says of the collection, which will be sold via phone or email (a catalogue will be available to view online) and by appointment at his studio across the road. “It’s not been easy to set up. But like all businesses, if you can grit your teeth through the financial pain and come through the clouds, it’s a wonderful thing. It gives me great pleasure.”

The joy Birley derives from creating his own aesthetic world at his clubs (he also owns Oswald’s in Mayfair) becomes evident as he gives me a tour of 5 Hertford Street, which spans several 18th-century houses behind an unassuming red fa?ade. He shows off each room as if it were his own house (his own residence is a stone’s throw away in Shepherd Market): there’s a roaring fireplace in every corner (a must, says Birley), sofas that one sinks in rather than sits on, and eclectic arrangements of artworks and antiques set against exotic wallpaper and ornate rugs.?

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