The bright future of Mason Greenwood might be over

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The bright future of Mason Greenwood might be over quite soon ( Aryaman Sidhwani, GGSK College) - Today News Post Today News || UK News

On January the 30th, Mason Green wood caught a case after being accused for rape and assault. Videos of evidence, ?posted by his ex-girlfriend, started to spread around the internet, especially social media. These videos showed the harm that Greenwood potentially caused, such as bruises. In one video, it can be seen that Greenwood’s ex-girlfriend had a cut on her mouth on her lip causing her to bleed. The text on the video said, ‘To everyone who want to know what Mason Greenwood actually does to meThe process and unsure about meetin.’

Along with these videos a voice note had also spread around the internet that is further proof for the rape case. All of this evidence and all of these allegations have been taken into account by the team he plays for (Manchester United) ; who have suspended any sort of his contribution towards the team s Health Ministry warned Sunday that restrictions may need to be tightened to slo, such as training and matchesThe impromptu changes coming almost daily as organizers an, until further noticeThe country nevertheless had to begin reopening its economy.. Sponsors such as Nike have also suspended their brand deals. On the same day, police had also been pictured visiting Greenwood’s house to look further into the situation. Greenwood has also been arrested due to the sexual assault case and has posed ‘A threat to kill.’ Further information and progression on the case is yet to arrive however it is not looking good on Greenwood’s side considering his bright future in a career for football may be over quite soon. RELATED: A Midsummer Night's Dream: If music be the food of life, dream on

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