Gunmen massacre police officers in ambush in centr

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Gunmen massacre police officers in ambush in central Mexico - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Gunmen killed 13 law enforcement officers in Mexico on Thursdays worst surge in new infections sinc, in an ambush on a police convoy in a rural area plagued by gangsAnschober said..

A huge hunt was underway following the attack, apparently by a drug gang, who killed eight state police officers and five prosecution investigators in a hail of gunfirecovid_19_vaccination_in_south_africa.

The attack in Mexico State, southwest of the capital Mexico City, was the country”s single biggest slaying of law enforcement since October 2019, when cartel gunmen ambushed and killed 14 state police officers in the neighboring state of Michoacan.

Rodrigo Martínez Celis, the head of the state Public Safety Department, said soldiers, marines and National Guard troops were combing the area by land and from the air looking for the killers.

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